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Pillar Of Strength

Posted: June 1, 2006 in Current, Poetry
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An invention of the wheel…

That is what she is like to me

How will a wheelbarrow operate? Or even a car?

Just the thought of it is real bizarre!

I bumped into her on the information super-highway

Years went by, and still I know very little of her

And that I am really ashamed to say

But now, I only have these words to offer.

Her warm smile evaporate tears

Where I was filled with pain, aches and fears

What is this thing called friendship?

Life is troubled waters…aiming to drown

Alone you cannot stay afloat

And after a while will go down.

This dear friend was my lifeboat

She did not allow me the ease to slip

A priceless mineral, a perfect memory,

A precious metal, an exceptional blessing

Like the most beautiful scenery,

Will anyone change it for anything?

Always near and willing to support,

No need to plead, beg or ask for it

She thinks nothing of it

So with this I want to say in short…

Words will never do justice or be enough

Gratitude, admiration and love

She taught me what forgiveness is

She taught me what true friendship is

“A pillar of strength when I’d almost fall”

The words to end a SMS if correct I recall

Little you know how true those words are!

Even less you realise what a wonder to us you are.

Anything and everything can go wrong

In my life when I need to be strong

Because my Creator blessed me

With a cure when sickness is all I see

With one thing that will always overcome them,

A pure and magnificent living gem

A friend for eternity!


At First Sight

Posted: May 1, 2004 in Poetry
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It was a dark night in a lonely street

Very similar to the life I had

When I saw this star so sweet

From the seat where I was at.

Was it a smudge on the windscreen of the car?

Did my eyes play me to be a fool?

Like my heart was played before so cruel?

Or was it the heavenly bright Morningstar?

My view was magical

My thoughts mystical

And I say with sincerity

You looked so heavenly

You were a sight I have never seen before

Someone so heavenly to adore

You, my little Morningstar

Brightened my future’s path so far

The end is not close to be seen

Which I thought is where I have been

Your voice is a pure whisper of gold

Where sincerity and perfection unfold

Heaven has two windows in your eyes

This heart, of happiness only, cries

Because of the fact

Heaven is still in tact

Love is thee most powerful tool

In life’s everyday school

Homework on a regular basis in life

Mine is to make you part of my life

Wealth, fame, money put in little jars

Are few of life’s little scars.

The magic and treasure I have found in you

I will keep and respect because it is true.

In a luxury coach I travel through life

With the light so bright it cuts like a knife

All because of you right by my side

No fear or reason to hide

Pure Love

Posted: April 1, 2004 in Poetry
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I love you like I have never loved anyone before

My heart is powered by my feelings for you

My eyes have seen perfection in you

Thinking of these little things, I miss you more

Your aroma is a heavenly scent

All my feelings for you is purely meant

Words to describe my love for you

Is inadequate to prove to you

How much I really love you

Please don’t tell me we drift apart

Cause that idea will break my heart

Emotionally I am dependant on you

Like a fetes in a woman’s womb

With the biggest pride I can say

That I gave my little heart away

And where heart created the hole

I don’t care cause the thoughts of you filled my soul

This, my lady, you must believe

Love, respect, trust and friendship

A helping hand, a listening ear

A loving heart, a caring soul

And an eternal companionship

Someone who will always be near

In life I have a precious goal

I present to you my life in whole

Heaven On Earth

Posted: February 14, 2004 in Poetry
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Wind sailing on the sea of Hate

Winds were blocked with walls of Fear

Never again, I want someone near

Stuck here forever I thought my fate

Though I know it is wrong to hate

My crew called Rookie Temper

And Skipper How-I-Treat-Her

Didn’t look what is ahead

But had an argument with Mr. Argument instead.

The storm called Lies grew stronger ahead

Fearsome waves of Name-Calling and Deceit

Threw supplies of friends and love overboard

Rains of Bitterness poured over my head

Then I realised my endless defeat

My heart’s sails torn with a rusted sword

All alone I look upon the open seas

Revenge ride my mind like parasite fleas

Luckily conscience got me rid of these

Yet, bitter I look upon Hate’s endless seas


A cool, calm heavenly breeze

Broke my heart’s walls with pretty ease

She filled my sails with winds as she took my hand

And lead me to this magical land

A sweet mist of appreciation, care and calmness

Made the stormy sea’s hatred all harmless

The beaches of this heaven have a welcoming look

It caught my mind like a fish on a hook

To the source of this magical island I was drawn

So I walked in deeper as excited as a newly born

Smiles are in full blossom all around

Surrounded by soft caring and precious ground

The river of Joy concave zigzag from deep underneath

Too wonderful to even start to believe

Faith and Hope this river is filled with

All, as unbelievable and powerful as a myth

An oasis of friendship to my left-hand side

A horizon of perfection to my right

A galaxy filled with stars of love

Watch over the island and sea from above

All so wonderful, from my eyes none will hide

Still have to find this source in all its might

This path I walk – surrounded by the Trees of Trust

The air so pure for more I lust

Close I must be I surely must

For here isn’t even a puff of dust

All happens with a reason and cause

And through that I have found this source

The river, horizon, the air and trees

The island and everything on it surely is

One and the same as the source

All in harmony with no external force

I have found it in all its glory

And this is not just a story

This perfect source I am referring to

Are you my angel, only you!