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An Icy Topic

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Current
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I am an unsophisticated element. Nothing but plain and simple. I am made of two parts of one element and one part of another.

With many years of the cold I experienced, layers upon layers made me impenetrable and I grew from a snowflake to a glacier. My molecules set in its ways – barely moving and closely together with no possibility to penetrate to my core.
A star broke free and dawned from the east. At first, I did not take notice and tried to reflect the rays away from me, but the warmth created started breaking down my barriers. The molecules that made me what I am started vibrating uncontrollably and this created spaces where your energy seeped in – leaving me vulnerable to your powers. I started to change the shape that I was used to.

However, it did not stop there…

You went even deeper and creating more excitement, compelling my particles to move even more vigorously and more energetic, leaving even bigger gaps where you have supremacy overwhelming my routines and comfort zones. Once again, I became a shape shifter where I found myself floating upwards trying to get close to you.

To no avail… You never noticed… you never saw… you never realized. I vaporized in front of your eyes, not because I tried to hide, but because you never knew the powers you have within. I tried to get closer, but you silently moved on to keep the distance as much as possible.

I was ice that liquefied and evaporated into a distant memory – all because of you, shining star we call sun.


A temple of any kind, can be defined as the home of your believes, the guide of your journey and a safe haven of your innocence and purity. A temple is the garden where love and forgiveness blossoms.  It is the kitchen that provides food to the souls.

A lot of us forget that any garden needs some attention to ensure that weeds do not overgrow that flowers you intended to grow.  Love is similar to this.  Love is a great power and with power comes responsibility.  To love someone unconditionally, is not necessarily easy.

Why is it that love can hurt so bad at times?  Is it the fact that with every living moment you experience, you give love to that special someone, yet they do not see it?  Is love hurting so bad because you do not get it in return?

Love should be something you offer that will leave a legacy, long after you have parted this earth, but for this to be possible, your love should be pure. Love should overpower the fear of losing love.  Love is an energy that cannot be destroyed.

I have spoken to a friend, continuously telling her not to stop living because she fears what love and life has in store in her future, yet I have done that for a long time. I have not stopped loving, but I gave my heart to love in a small corner of the garden – unseen and unnoticed, allowing my temple to be tainted, tarnished!

I have an enormous amount of love to give, but it will never be noticed.  Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop me of loving.  It does not make it easier either, but one thing I know for certain is that I have the ability to love with everything I have, and I have survived till now.

If I was to part from here, I know at least that I had the luxury to experience the power of love, even though she will never know.  Do I have any regrets?  None whatsoever!  Does it get any easier? Not even slightly!

Cherish what you have in your life.  Use every moment to tell someone that you love them, and convert words into action!  The simplest of things can make a big difference!

What makes a friendship? Do circumstances shape a friendship? Is it the similarities in personalities? Friendships can be used and abused – especially when it is seen as an impersonal business transaction where you just a statistic on a debtors book and they see you as an account number; or it can be seen as a miracle.

I will not whisper a lullaby in your ear, but scream it from the top of my lungs from echoing mountain tops. I dance with joy because of you. A smile constantly covers my face with joy. My memories are as sweet as honey and as precious to me like water in a desert.

In your journey through life, you will meet many people that you label as friends, but during the later parts of life, you realise how little of them are true friends – that keep the balance. There are people that drain all your energy like a sponge, leaving you dry and depleted. They only know you, when they need or want something. The imbalance is not healthy and you suffer the consequences – all by yourself. The loneliest feeling is when you give 150% of yourself and commit to something you thought to be defined as a true friendship, and not receive anything out of that friendship. That is where you are alone – where even your hopes and dreams were shattered and survival feels impossible.

I believe a true friendship is much greater than that! I believe that friendship is a type of energy. Friendship is a deeper connection. Friendships are a willing experience shared by people. Friendships invoke emotions and inspirations. I will even go so far to say that friendships can be defined as a feeling! Each person involved in a friendship should complement each other like the seasons, or tides or day and night. Friends should work hand in hand like the functions of a tree, certain times of the day it photosynthesize and other times a healthy intake of oxygen around it – a balanced give and take principle.

I have a selected few people in my life that I define as the biggest blessing in my life; true friendships where I can count on them no matter what time of day. I can trust these people with my life. This is where quality outweighs quantity. Sometimes these friends and I have not seen each other in a while, but they are always present in my heart. They fill my dreams and my good memories. They lift my spirit! I am who I am because of them!

Some of these friendships have helped me grow and helped me to see the better things in life. Inspiration to write started with friendships. “Love can conquer all” and your true friends are you armies. Your trust in them is your ammunition.

As I have mentioned before, friendships are about a healthy balance about giving and taking.

Friendships don’t hold you back, but they carry you forward. A friend appreciates you for who you are and they will guide you and stand by you. Lies and deceit is not part of the relationship. Love and trust is the building blocks. Appreciation is the shelter of any friendship.

When last did any of us phone a friend to say thank you… not SMS or BBM or Facebook message, but actually picking up a phone just to say “Thank You”. Have a humble heart and see the blessings in your life.

Earlier tonight, a friend told me not to be afraid to love as it is free, peaceful, kind and fulfilling. She said that sometimes you experience fear because you think it is too good to be true. Truer words she could not speak. Friendship is unconditional love. It is having that someone that you can share your life with – no matter what!

I have almost lost some of the best friendships I could wish for, because of my self-absorbed attitude and fear to allow people close to me. I do not want to lose these selected few, as the mean the world to me.

These three words carry all the energy my body have: I love you! Thank you for your support, your guidance and the memories.

The fallen stronghold

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Current
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My mind suddenly becomes aware of the silence that fills my surroundings.  My feelings are energetic, forcing my heart rate to exhilarate.  My senses intoxicated by adrenaline as my thoughts are pursued by your presence; similar to a lioness that stalks her pray.

It is not the hunting ritual, but the uncontrollable urge that you create. Your eyes are the clear, blue skies above; your soft skin is the gentle clouds; your voice is the calm breeze that brings the aroma of raindrops and blossoming flowers; the unrivalled beauty of an African sunrise!  All this combined, pounces on you without any warning. Just like a lightning strike, you cannot prepare for it that specific moment when it happens – it leaves you nervous yet excited to experience such authority.

Here I stand in the open field with no shelter from you – powerless yet thrilled.  I cannot describe the feeling that you stir in my mind.  You make me feel like a boy with his favourite Hotwheels™ or like a teen after his first kiss; leaving one sleepless, anxiously waiting for the next time!

With you, I will not break down the walls around my heart.  I have invited you in and the walls will keep you there, safe! Within my heart, there is no pretence, no masks, and no lies.  You will only hear the whisper of my soul, my mind, my heart, my purest self.

However, being in the deepest of my soul, you gained the power to destroy me.  Like a viral infection, you can devour me from within.  The trust I put in you, awaken a terrifying feeling that I have no defence mechanism against you, yet hoping that it will not happen.  Wishing that it’s only my mind playing tricks on me.  Questions arise on how sincere your intentions and spoken words are.

Have I made the mistake and allowed a Trojan horse to penetrate my defences?  Have I been a naïve youngling straying away from the herd, falling prey to a ferocious predator? Or… have I opened up to sincerity?  Did I expose my core to your inner pure energy that you mirror on the outside?

The uncertainty is unsettling.  One moment it feels like you will crush me; the next moment you lift me to above all great expectations.  When will the lightning strike?  Will I be safe?

Should I regret allowing you to get so close to me?  Should these things be so complicated?  In the past, I thought that many people make things a lot more complicated than what it should be, but I wonder if there is a way to simplify all this.

I know that I have a destiny, going from point A to point B and that is the simple part, however, I know that my journey will have many crossroads, potholes and the daily wear and tear of living.  The travelling will have its scenic routes and its breakdowns. Will I have you next to me, to experience it with me; navigate me?  Alternatively, are you just an ordinary hitchhiker that will get on and off as you feel the need for it?

I have reached a point where I wish I knew the answer to this.

Here I stand in the open plateau, looking into the distance, eager to see a rainbow, exposing myself to the danger of being hunted. The beauty of a rainbow stuns me, and I am neglecting the dangers around.  Hiding in the woods will prevent me from seeing the rainbow, and other dangers will reveal themselves.  It is my decision to choose my path to lead me to my destination.  This is where I should decide: Do I say farewell to the rainbow and fade into the shadows, or will I admire the rainbow for long as I can?

Supreme Power Of Love

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Current
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The cerulean crystals reflect the intense energy that originates from the magnificent vessel.  I am drawn, like a moth to a flame, to look deep within where I experience a harmonious serenity; my core wildly and inexplicably enchanted beyond boundaries.

Your whispering breeze is as sweet as honey, rustling the leaves that awake butterflies. It intoxicates me completely. My feet unknowingly tap to the rhythmic song of your heartbeat.

Your touch is as gentle and silent as snowflakes. As your skin embraces mine, time stand still, dreams overpower reality; peace and hope settles in.


Such a sophisticated creature carries enormous strength.  The sparklers cut through my defences.  Your tender presence demolishes my barriers instantaneously.  Yet, I feel safe; I feel comfortable; I feel home.

You are, not where I put you, but where you belong.  A diamond’s worth is about the inside and outside characteristics. You are the most precious gemstone that could only be described as a flawless miracle.

Unspoken Language (Continued)

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current
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My unspoken words – active but unnoticed. If I do not say something, do not assume I don’t feel anything.  I care; I sympathize; I try to be supportive and I do love.  I do not express these feelings in words as a lot of people take offense and pulls back.  People are uncomfortable to hear  a lot of these things.

Do I care about you?  Do I want to support you in every possible way?  Do I want to give you my everything?  Do I love you? I do.  One day I might express it in words, but what will keep you from running?  Will you be able to handle such truth?  I do not allow a lot of people close to me, but the ones I allow into my heart, those few  forms part of my character; they form part of my emotions; they receive my unconditional and pure love.

If I express my feelings and emotions in words, will you accept them as if it is the last thing I will ever say?  Or will you get used to it and the words will not have the same effect as when I said it the first time?

Language is a communication highway.  But it has two directions, and it is the same with unspoken language.  I care about you, yet you push my away without knowing it.  I touched you, and your body language showed that I have offended you and you grow more distant.  Slowly but surely, I think I need to get off this road and find a different road to travel as this road might just lead to heartache and pain.