At First Sight

Posted: May 1, 2004 in Poetry
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It was a dark night in a lonely street

Very similar to the life I had

When I saw this star so sweet

From the seat where I was at.

Was it a smudge on the windscreen of the car?

Did my eyes play me to be a fool?

Like my heart was played before so cruel?

Or was it the heavenly bright Morningstar?

My view was magical

My thoughts mystical

And I say with sincerity

You looked so heavenly

You were a sight I have never seen before

Someone so heavenly to adore

You, my little Morningstar

Brightened my future’s path so far

The end is not close to be seen

Which I thought is where I have been

Your voice is a pure whisper of gold

Where sincerity and perfection unfold

Heaven has two windows in your eyes

This heart, of happiness only, cries

Because of the fact

Heaven is still in tact

Love is thee most powerful tool

In life’s everyday school

Homework on a regular basis in life

Mine is to make you part of my life

Wealth, fame, money put in little jars

Are few of life’s little scars.

The magic and treasure I have found in you

I will keep and respect because it is true.

In a luxury coach I travel through life

With the light so bright it cuts like a knife

All because of you right by my side

No fear or reason to hide


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