Pure Love

Posted: April 1, 2004 in Poetry
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I love you like I have never loved anyone before

My heart is powered by my feelings for you

My eyes have seen perfection in you

Thinking of these little things, I miss you more

Your aroma is a heavenly scent

All my feelings for you is purely meant

Words to describe my love for you

Is inadequate to prove to you

How much I really love you

Please don’t tell me we drift apart

Cause that idea will break my heart

Emotionally I am dependant on you

Like a fetes in a woman’s womb

With the biggest pride I can say

That I gave my little heart away

And where heart created the hole

I don’t care cause the thoughts of you filled my soul

This, my lady, you must believe

Love, respect, trust and friendship

A helping hand, a listening ear

A loving heart, a caring soul

And an eternal companionship

Someone who will always be near

In life I have a precious goal

I present to you my life in whole

  1. elzaan says:

    knew there where more to you than you let believe …


  2. Dael says:

    I can feel the emotion in your words …. I loved it.
    Carry on expressing yourself in poems …its beautiful.

    Love and hugs always


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