Pillar Of Strength

Posted: June 1, 2006 in Current, Poetry
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An invention of the wheel…

That is what she is like to me

How will a wheelbarrow operate? Or even a car?

Just the thought of it is real bizarre!

I bumped into her on the information super-highway

Years went by, and still I know very little of her

And that I am really ashamed to say

But now, I only have these words to offer.

Her warm smile evaporate tears

Where I was filled with pain, aches and fears

What is this thing called friendship?

Life is troubled waters…aiming to drown

Alone you cannot stay afloat

And after a while will go down.

This dear friend was my lifeboat

She did not allow me the ease to slip

A priceless mineral, a perfect memory,

A precious metal, an exceptional blessing

Like the most beautiful scenery,

Will anyone change it for anything?

Always near and willing to support,

No need to plead, beg or ask for it

She thinks nothing of it

So with this I want to say in short…

Words will never do justice or be enough

Gratitude, admiration and love

She taught me what forgiveness is

She taught me what true friendship is

“A pillar of strength when I’d almost fall”

The words to end a SMS if correct I recall

Little you know how true those words are!

Even less you realise what a wonder to us you are.

Anything and everything can go wrong

In my life when I need to be strong

Because my Creator blessed me

With a cure when sickness is all I see

With one thing that will always overcome them,

A pure and magnificent living gem

A friend for eternity!


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