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The Unforgettable Moment

Posted: July 11, 2016 in Current
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Life is an ocean filled with ebb and flow tides – filled with good and bad experiences.  We accept it as we understand it forms part of our school of life.  Sometimes we feel like quitting, and other times we wish time would pause for a moment – just to soak in the greatness of a memory in the making.

I believe that my purpose in life is simply trying to make other people smile.  At times it works, and other times it fails miserably.  Good intentions aren’t always received in the fancy wrapping you pictured in your mind.  I am very particular to see the people in my life to be happy (as much as possible) and if something is hindering a friend, I always try to be there for them to lean on or just to listen.  The aim is to be there for them; assure them they are not alone and do not always have to carry their load alone.  I will be there – irrespective of time, place or circumstances.  And the reason is because I care.

But sometimes, it is not an easy task – impossible even, but you attempt nonetheless.  And then…

You experience something you didn’t expect.

With a tough week behind them, you know a friend, strong and able, put up a brave face to avoid nagging questions and attempts to ‘make them feel better’.  But magic happened before my eyes!

Her eyes lit up and sparkled like diamonds! Her face glowed as her beautiful smile appeared!  I was in awe!  Her energy was revived and you could see she was at a place in her mind where she needed to be!  A place where her heart and mind joined!

What did I do to accomplish this?  Nothing.  Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for it.  The miracle working was a child, and it made me wonder how such a small creature can accomplish so much with no effort and little time.  The answer was staring me in the face without me knowing it.

Truth, honesty and a pure heart!  This little one wasn’t fake or attempted to crack a smile for her own benefit.  She was simply honest, truthful and herself.  While she was working her magic, I found myself constantly stare at my friend’s eyes and smile and at the end I found myself speechless – scared to taint the beautiful moments they share.

Maybe that is what adults lack?  Perhaps we are so used to overcomplicate things.  I think we have so much to learn from the little ones, we just never make the time to sit down and actually look and listen.  Humans have the tendency to always work at an angle to see how they can benefit.

Maybe we should take a few steps back and start with the basics again.  Be truthful!  Be honest!  Be yourself!  Be the support pillar because you want to be – with no hidden agendas.  Be the listening ear that listens and absorbs and not attempt to throw back intelligent-sounding answers.  Allow your friend to rant and rave.  Give a hug because you wish to absorb some of their pain and not because you want them to be in your debt.

Make space in your life to be a child and adult alike.  Just give it your all.  Be there for who you really are.  Be respectful of others’ feelings and accept that sometimes you can’t fix things.  but also remember that it is easier to be truthful and honest.  Make space in your heart to fill a section with the characteristics of a child!



Sea Of Truth

Posted: April 6, 2015 in BloggingHoliX, Current
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Why are people scared of the truth?  Why do people think less of people who have the courage to speak to truth? We always demand the truth, and yet, how few people can actually accept to hear the truth?

The expedition to the truth is a great journey.  If you embark on this journey, you will realize that truth is not as shallow as a piece of paper or the surface of the horizon, but it is an intricate ocean that varies in depth and beauty.  Truth cannot be limited to the surface of the sea, but one needs to dive into the deep blue, where the harsh truth is more beautiful than the bare horizon over the sea; Below, is where unearthly creatures like the barracudas are hiding, and yet the same ocean frame the most colourful coral reefs filled with vibrant sea life.

Truth, is a hidden paradise, very seldom sought and found.  Like the undersea paradise, is it an unknown territory to most people – unseen, but at the same time an untainted wonder world of fantasy.  Do not fear the truth; but fear lies and deceit.  The majority of people will tell you what they want you to hear; tell you what they think you want to hear, but how many will rather tell you the truth from the word ‘Go’?

How many friends do you have that will speak the truth, even though they suspect you might be offended? Yet, they have the guts to tell you to avoid disappointment and embarrassment; someone that will rather tell you the hard truth, than to follow the norm and lie and deceit just to be the ‘good’ friend..  If you have a friend like that, keep them, cherish them, hold them close to your heart as you will not find another like that again

The Piercing Icicle

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Current
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An icicle is a cold, hard spike, different to a rock in that it is transparent.  In life, we all have to face an iceberg sooner or later.  We experience a multitude of emotions – some good; some not so good.  With this, we prioritize certain emotions and feelings according to what works for us.  Yet, sometimes, we ignore the inevitable and that is the thing called “Truth”.  Truth is our iced stalactite in our journey in life.

Truth comes in many forms: it can be in the form of speech, behaviour, emotions or our innocence.  Few understand the weight that truth carries in the lives of others.  Some avoid truth to avoid hurting people in their lives.  There are many theories about truth, but one thing is for certain: truth shouldn’t be tainted.  It can only be transparent.  Be willing to accept truth… even if it is a bitter pill to swallow at times.  The “naked truth” is an amazingly good saying as truth shouldn’t be covered.

Today, I have experienced a truth I was not ready for as I have not experienced it for a long time.  With a single touch, I felt a truth in the form of a sweet kind of innocence that was covered in pain that someone is currently experiencing; a pain that many of us experienced more than once in our lives.

Is touch a medium to transfer pain to make it more bearable for another?  Unconditional love and pure friendship is a truth in its own form.  Carry it around and share it.

To be continued…

On a daily basis we sit with a dilemma where we need to make choices every step of way on our life’s journey.  These choices range from insignificant things like drinking coffee or tea, and then to more life changing decisions like putting your trust in someone; believing in what someone says.

Sometimes we find ourselves believing someone because we are blinded by their aura.  But what if we neglect to see the sensational connection from someone right under our noses?

One person can tell you that they love you and that they will fight for you right to the end, but it can all be purely just words.  When the tough gets going, they desert you.  They mimic precious stones like diamonds, but is merely clean cut glass with sharp edges that cut through your veins, penetrating your heart.  You are blinded with what they want you to see.

A black hardened rock under immense pressure in the core of the earth… the exterior that hides the most magnificent diamond inside.  You find a person that always have a listening ear.  A person that will listen and not judge.  A person that will support you and be available at any given time for your ‘in case of emergencies’.  A person that tries on a very nice manner to get me closer to my Saviour.  A person that will give a hug when my heart is aching and trying to jump out of my chest.  A person that will touch your hand to calm down the shivering hands.

To these precious gems that I always neglected to thank in my life, this is for you:  I commit that I will appreciate you for the magnificent creation you are for the rest of my life.  I pray that each one of you experience a lifetime of these miracles you have been to me.

All that glitter is not gold is a powerful statement and we often forget this.  Sometimes a light shines from within.  Open your eyes and see deeper.  Don’t mistakenly get blinded with the masks most of us wear, but look past the masquerade and value the true, untainted precious stones.

Truth About Thy Neighbor

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current
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Would you break a promise you made to someone when that person constantly makes a fool out of you?  Would you keep a promise to someone if they lie to you?  What is the price of honesty?  Like the lyrics of a song ‘Would you kill to save a life?’  To open up to someone is difficult… but when you do, it is even more difficult to close up again to avoid the pain people cause.  If you hide something because you don’t want to ‘feel bad’, isn’t that the same as lying?  Isn’t pretence exactly lies put into action?  A lot of people will criticise and judge for what I am about to write, but hear me out.

Like the lyrics of the song ‘More Than Words’  I know people that can say they love you and they care about you, but their actions does not correspond with their spoken words and is hollow sounds.  Then I know friends that does not have to say the words as it is clear and evident in  their behaviour.  And then there are the few that don’t really know what love entails. Pretence is very close to emotional abuse to a kind and soft hearted personality.  And emotional and verbal abuse is as serious as physical abuse.  It doesn’t leave visible scars or bruises.  It doesn’t show signs of struggle in your lounge.  This emotional destruction can kill someone in a cruel and slow manner.  Most of the times, this kind of abuse is unnoticed, yet, it does inflict pain; it does bruise your heart and scar your soul.

Say that you care and that you love someone by your behaviour and actions, not just on occasion with words.   Love, whether it is for a family member, a friend, your spouse or your sweetheart, must be pure.  Let your life be the passionate dictionary of your feelings to the one you care about.  I do believe that I express my feelings in my actions, and when I do say the words ‘I love you’ or ‘I care about you’, it comes from the deepest of my heart. The intensity seems like scares people off.

I question everything lately and it drives me insane.

People lie and deceive people.  It is not things hurting.  It is people hurting people.  Most people use friends like televisions.  If there is nothing else to do, you will be switched on for their entertainment.  When they done, they switch you off and forget about you.  Why not just be straight and they tell you that you are their television set for when all else fails.  A lot of so called friendships go to waste when a lifestyle change… whether it is changing of location; changing of careers, etc.  If a friendship fails then, was it truly friendship?

I had too much faith in friendships.  I believed that people will cherish friendships like I did in the past.  I trusted and put my faith in people and their capabilities.  I suppose I hoped for the better.  Hope is derived from love.  If you love something, you always hope for more of it.

I have friends that knows my weaknesses and what I like and don’t like.  One friend’s touch and smile demolish the walls around me and change my mood in an instance.  Another friend can just look at me and I feel better about the day.  Another can give me a hug, and I know that the day was worth it, while another just taps you on the back and says ‘Its all good boet!’  Every friend you have, have some sort of ‘comforting act’.  Over the years a lot of friends told me they are true friends and not fake friends.  And here comes the curveball… Take away all the physical ‘reassurances’.

Here is a scenario we all experienced at least once in our lifetime:  you have your eye on someone and decide you want to take the relationship (that was a good friendship with attitude so to speak) and be each other’s sweetheart.  Then the next moment you are told ‘I am not really ready for any relationships’.  You handle and cope with it as you appreciated the honesty… then two weeks later you hear this friend is involved with someone else. It hurts then all over again.  And in my opinion that is a lie.  You do not get different grades and levels of lies.  A lie is a lie is a lie!  Avoiding to tell the truth is just as bad.

Would the pain not be more bearable if the person told you that he/she prefer to have you as a friend as you are not compatible as lovers and allow you to move on, than to keep you on a string and create the false hope of any future?

I’ve been made a fool over and over again, purely because I believed in people and at the end I sit with the disappointments and these disappointments hurt.  In the past I did not open up to people and I coped well with it.  A friend got me to open my heart and expose my inner-self to the world.  I enjoyed that feeling.  It felt great.  For once it felt fantastic as I had the freedom to express and share my feelings.  I had a big heart filled with love, hope and faith, yes, even faith!  I truly cared a lot about the people in my life.  The faith in people; the hope in truth; the believe in people, are fallen comrades.  My heart is bitter and blackened.  I am closing up again but it is difficult.

Day to day crashing

Totally draining

Wishing the day to an ending?

All this thumping

Cause your back to bend

When can this day ever end?

Your heart is bleeding

Your soul is draining

Will this day ever end?

Day turned to night

Aches and pains’ your company

A broken soul gone to bed

Scorched and tainted.

Luscious Green turned to Gold

Warm fades to bitter Cold

Discoloured Leaves

gently float to the earth

Exposing the core of birth

The forest floor a golden carpet

Slowly decomposing into nothing