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Camps Bay Sunset 1

The silence fades as day breaks and the rush of life starts all over again.. I am still curled up in bed, wishing I could live in my own little dream world. I hide my head under the covers trying to avoid the day ahead.

The sun rises and peeps through spaces between the curtains. Unwillingly, I open my eyes. The brightness forces me to squint my eyes to adjust. My body wants to turn around and continue my slumber. My mind on the other hand is drawn to this flaming red fireball. I stand up, drawing the curtains apart.

I witness the most beautiful sunrise. Darkness dashes behind objects as your presence rise from the dust in the distance. Nightfall fades into mere transparent shadows that bows to your presence. The cold and bitter dark night dissipates. Silhouettes metamorphose into vibrant, warm colours. Blurry shapes take form into beautiful pastures.

Flowers awaken and gardens burst into bloom. Birds chirping in celebration of your arrival. Little streams now have beautiful reflections of its surroundings. Suddenly, the dreams I fought to keep alive, is not relevant anymore. Reality feels surreal that I pinch myself to ensure I am not still dreaming.

I follow your movement and absorb the energy you radiate. I fall in love with the warmth. I cherish the aura. High up in the sky, I follow your gentle dance across the heavens – tracing your path like a never ending sentence. I do not want to miss a moment.

Then I realize your journey takes you to the other side of the horizon. I stretch out to the fullest and try to reach out to you, but you do not turn around. Maybe to you, I am a mere spec, but to me, you are life.

As I am about to fall into despair, I notice a big silver pearl in the skyline. Once again the darkness fails in your presence. Once again I find myself gazing at this miraculous being. Once again, do I find myself not missing a moment – just watching your parade of the diamond filled skies. Never in my life did I think that I will change my view of a murky night to be a Black & White portraiture of beauty. As you slowly pass through, I focus my eyes to where the star arose the day before. The dawning light excites me, awaiting another day of amazement.

However, clouds rolled in from all sides. It covers you completely. I am aware of your existence, even though the misty barrier prevents to experience your warmth. The whole day I pray, but to no avail. These barriers are not moving.

I returned to my dwelling… shattered and in disbelieve. How can time fly by so fast? All I have left is this candle cradled in my hands. The only memory I have of what is above. I cannot recreate you. I cannot mimic your powers. I cannot pretend not to miss those moments. How quick I realize the cold and bitter darkness of where I find myself. Hope faded like the shadows at your feet. Now, darkness grows in intensity every passing moment.

The dreamlike reality you created seems like lifetimes ago. Dreams are merely a replay of the sunrises and the sunsets, the moonlit landscapes and the life you brought.

I hope. I wish once upon a star. I replay the memories. Alas,it is not the same. Hopefully one day I will see you again and may you shine on me again before my faith perishes.



An Icy Topic

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Current
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I am an unsophisticated element. Nothing but plain and simple. I am made of two parts of one element and one part of another.

With many years of the cold I experienced, layers upon layers made me impenetrable and I grew from a snowflake to a glacier. My molecules set in its ways – barely moving and closely together with no possibility to penetrate to my core.
A star broke free and dawned from the east. At first, I did not take notice and tried to reflect the rays away from me, but the warmth created started breaking down my barriers. The molecules that made me what I am started vibrating uncontrollably and this created spaces where your energy seeped in – leaving me vulnerable to your powers. I started to change the shape that I was used to.

However, it did not stop there…

You went even deeper and creating more excitement, compelling my particles to move even more vigorously and more energetic, leaving even bigger gaps where you have supremacy overwhelming my routines and comfort zones. Once again, I became a shape shifter where I found myself floating upwards trying to get close to you.

To no avail… You never noticed… you never saw… you never realized. I vaporized in front of your eyes, not because I tried to hide, but because you never knew the powers you have within. I tried to get closer, but you silently moved on to keep the distance as much as possible.

I was ice that liquefied and evaporated into a distant memory – all because of you, shining star we call sun.


Posted: October 1, 2005 in Prior to 2006

Tonight, I looked outside my window and in the horizon I saw the moon.  Not full moon, but clear like I haven’t seen in a long time.  Such a sight is a spring of hope.  It took just that single glance at the moon, and I had the revived energy to look tomorrow in the eye.  How tomorrow will end, I don’t know.  Maybe a negative vibe…maybe not.