More often than not, the human race shows what demonic beast it can be.  Greed, corruption, racism, hatred, intolerance, and the list goes on and on!  Sometimes to the point where people prefer to avoid people than to engage with them.

But then…

A devastating fire absorbs a place called The Pilanesberg National Park (situated in the North West Province in South Africa, and roughly 570 square kilometers in size). Fittingly nicknamed “The Gem in the North West” where people often go to escape the every day life!  A place where nature surrounds you with beautiful scenery and the natural orchestra of animal calls.  It is a sanctuary not only for wildlife, but also for the sanity of some people.

As the fire continued its destructive path, it is evident how many people where heartbroken about the devastation.  Social media on several groups and pages cried for help and as you read the comments, you can feel the emotion and helplessness of everyone!

For some of us, it is an escape from the rat race.  Even a coping mechanism to cope as a matter of speaking with life.  I can even go so far as to call it my meditation!  For most of us that have visited Pilanesberg, it is the purest kind of joy!

Photographers and animal/nature lovers all are sharing their pain and emotions in one voice!  Each understood what the other felt!  No racial, religious, ethnic or language barriers or conflicts!  All over the world, everyone that has been to Pilanesberg are pleading in one language!  One voice!  One emotion!  United!  They are a unique kind of human!  Each one of these special people had one focus! The Pilanesberg National Park with all of its fauna, flora, staff and volunteers that were affected!

Everyone concerned, eager and willing to help where one can! Currently, the Park needs all the help it can get, whether it is volunteers or financial support to purchase bales or access to vet care, or rebuilding infrastructure!  If you know someone that can assist or if you are in the position to assist or support, please direct your browser to

PS:  If you have never visited Pilanesberg National Park, put it on your bucket list!  You will not regret it!

Pilanesberg NEVER disappointed me with sightings!


A Miracle’s Eclipse

Posted: August 13, 2018 in Current
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Miracles… Is it fact or fiction?  Is miracles a figment of our imagination?  Or do we ignore a miracle because we cannot explain it?  Many online sources define a miracle as a “physically” impossible event.  Even each religion has its own classification of it.  But the question is, what you believe to be a miracle?

250 years ago, a human flying 30,000 feet in the air was believed to be impossible (a miracle perhaps) and now thousands of people travel by air daily.  Does it make it less of a miracle?

Perhaps the miracle was wrongly ‘diagnosed’ all those years.  Maybe the miracle wasn’t in the actual flying, but in the intellect that made it possible?  We are in the 21st century and yet, we cannot replicate a human brain’s capacity or function!

Life itself, is a miracle that happens every single day.  We can scientifically explain it, but it doesn’t make it any less extraordinary.  Irrespective of your religion or whether you a flat-earther or big-bang-theorist, no matter how hard you try, miracles will not be any less a miracle than what it was at the beginning.

The universe’s design was flawless in the beginning and still is flawless and will always be flawless.  Supernovae and blackholes, as destructive as they are described to be, created just as much!  The beauty unmatched – untainted by human touch.
Lunar Eclipse 20180727
During 2018, we had the longest lunar eclipse of this century, and it made me realize how insignificant we are.  Not because we are flawed by design, but merely because we do not use our capacity and appreciate the universe for what it is.  During this lunar eclipse, there were a substantial number of photographers (amateur and pro alike) that endured a freezing night to appreciate hours of this breath-taking event happening thousands and thousands of miles away.  And I wondered how many people appreciated the daily routine of life and the universe.

We all focussed our long lenses to the moon and were fixated on it.  After a few photos, my lens’ focussing mechanism malfunctioned to a point where I could not get any decent photos anymore, but instead of packing up, I still enjoyed the view.  Then I realized that the universe was not just a single speck of reflected light, but that our whole sky was filled with miracles!  I quickly changed from a super-telephoto lens to a wide-angle lens and saw the most amazing milky way. Galaxies upon galaxies of miracles!  Always there, but we never take the time to look up anymore.

MilkyWay 20180727When last have you lied on your back, simply to forget the rat-race and appreciate the stars?  When last have you spent time to take a walk in a natural environment.  Sadly, the natural environment is now a place, fenced off and declining because of our selfish ways.  Believe me, it is one of the most beautiful sights!

Imagine one day without sun, a year without rain or soil without nutrients.  How would we survive?  If the Architect of the universe didn’t work in His miraculous ways, we would not have existed.  If we do not learn to coexist with nature (fauna and flora), we are destined to fail this earth and ourselves!  Every single organism has its place and purpose on earth.  And humans do too, but unlike nature that keeps thing simple but balanced, we overcomplicate things and destroy things for the immediate gain, instead of learning and growing alongside the universe.

We were given the privilege of choice, yet instead of building and growing to become even more miraculous, we chose to build for selfish greed and destroying everything just for a quick buck.  We are addicted to comfort and greed, irrespective of its cost.  The human factor is destroying miracles.  It is a sad reality the we face, yet we turn a blind eye.  Why? Because I believe in our subconscious we are ashamed!
Perhaps we will learn from our mistakes one day, and that may be classified as a miracle!

Universal Love Letter

Posted: June 15, 2018 in Current

In our human nature of overcomplicating the simplest of things, time is becoming more and more a “luxury that a few of us can afford” or that is the excuses we use. However, is it not our selfish nature that refuses us this priceless commodity? Do we manage our time efficiently? Do we make the effort to spend time with one another?

Take a moment and think of your commute to work this morning. What can you remember? Did you see the sickle moon? Did you gaze at the beautiful sunrise? Or did you look at your watch because the person driving a little distance ahead is not driving according to your preferred speed?

Sadly, our ratrace nature is a reality! And our time is spent on irrelevant things instead of the moments and people that make life worth living. And with us going through life blind, I wondered what my biggest regret will be in life that was time-bound: not making time for a loved one.

So here is my universal love-letter to you:

The early sun rose and awakened my forgotten self from my sleep, but I retreated to the darkness under my duvet, because I just want to sleep 5 more minutes. A much longer time have past, and when I rose to my feet I had to scramble to get ready for the day ahead. No time for conversation nor looking at what the day brought forth. Instead I lunged into my daily activities, relying on muscle-memory as my interest is at home where I can close my eyes again to sleep again. My only thought is that I just need to rush through everything to complete my daily tasks to put food on the table.

Years went past. I thought my memory faded, but my memory is in tact… it is the events and memories that were amiss. Today, my subconscious awoken from its slumber before sunrise. It drawn the curtains back to see the golden hour in your glowing smile and mesmerizing eyes. It is absolutely breathtaking. Life stopped in that moment. You are you… just perfect like you are now! Suddenly, a fire within rages uncontrolably, with this pure love for you

The subconscious did not stop there… as the day kicked off on a high note, the roses’ aroma filled the garden and the birds sang love songs as beautiful as ever. It was visible everywhere. The subconscious was in the untainted garden of eden and the promised land!  The thoughts of you are like an orchestra playing the best ever masterpiece and the neurons fire enchantedly along, connecting new pathways and erasing scartissues from the past.

Even at the end of the day, the sunset was not a carbon-copy of the sunrise, it was unique in every way. Clouds were present but did not jade the beauty, it perfected it. The gentle clouds was as gentle and smooth as your skin.  One want to touch, but just every so softly as not to disturb the beauty.

But fear set into the subconscious … if the light fades, it will hide your beauty. It will only be darkness, and a cold and lonely place.  But the subconscious had no reason to fear.

147A0108As darkness covered all, the skies lit up with stars, planets, galaxies and made its presence known. You were still there! The aurora display shown the subconscious that it is there to protect and that being beautiful doesn’t mean you can’t protect and be strong. The milky way ignited and displayed the night sky rainbow in all its glory showing that hope is always around.  Your supernova-heart exploded and created new beginnings and new feelings.  My subconscious realized that between the stars wasn’t empty space, but opportunities to explore more; learn more; appreciate more.

All the signs were there every single moment. All this was accessible and available every single moment- night and day, but at the same time the conscious part decided to overcomplicate things and have a blind eye that may make me seem weak. Our insecurities and our selfish nature got the better of us and blinded us.  Years lost.  Moments lost forever!

Friends, if you love someone, tell them. Let them know! Keeping quiet, or even allowing external factors to rob you from your precious time, will be the biggest injustice you can do to yourself or your loved one!

Love is not limited to perfection. Love is being honest and sincere. Love is being able to forgive the little human errors we make. Love is taking note of your partner and not take them for granted. Love is not a business contract, it is unconditional. Love is not changing someone to suit you, but finding the strengths and weaknesses of another and simply to make it work.  Love is not being weak!  Love is respect, hope, acceptance and forgiveness.  Love is underrated.  Love is finding that one that you can’t imagine being without; missing them as they leave for work or do errands.
Love is the true meaning of happiness.

And if you are lucky enough to find “the one”, tell them that you love them and mean it… tell them you love them by your actions, every day, every moment.

There is of course the absolute romantic gestures that can cost a pretty penny, but it is not limited to currencies!  To show your respect, appreciation and love is absolutely free.  AND it makes you feel alive! It makes you look forward to tomorrow.

Showing someone that you love them does not mean you need to fork out almost your whole salary.  Love is not a commercial entity.  It is an emotional bond.  Kissing someone on the forehead or hugging them for no apparent reason can be all that is needed.  Finding a little wild flower and just doing the little effort to pick it, can show love.  Ways to show someone you love them, is only limited to your imagination!

I love you.

Proteaceae Amicitia

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So I read the following on a social media platform.  “If you want to learn what someone fears losing the most, watch what they photograph”.  This got me thinking!

I hate taking photos of people because I place myself in their shoes and you always get the “my eyes are always droopy/drunk”-shot or the non-flattering poses.  So I found an alternative way of expressing my fears of losing the great people in my life.

Friends are the flowers
in the garden of life.
Beginning with a seed of trust, 
nurtured with laughter and tears,
growing into loyalty and love.

– Author Unknown

Truer words are hard to find.  When asked how to explain what friendship is, one can easily direct someone to a fancy dictionary, but you will be left disappointed.  A garden has space for a multitude of flowers; some are annuals, biennials and so forth and then many of them end up being perennials, and to me, the people a cherish are like Proteas.

The proteaceae family is among the oldest families of flowers on earth (dating back millions of years) and consists of approximately 1660 species – varying in shapes, colours and sizes – and in fact, the protea got its name because of the variety of flowers.  It is said that the flower was named after Proteus, the son of the Greek god Poseidon, because of his propensity for assuming new shapes or altering his appearance.

My friends are unique and each of them has a space in my garden.  Some fits a King Protea or Queen Protea and others family of the pincushions.  Of course there is the rare Serruria Florida X Rosea.  Each have their special place in the garden of life.

Proteas will grow with very little effort, provided they are positioned in the correct climate and you just give them what they need.  And just like you should not disturb a Protea’s roots, respect and appreciate the roots of your friends.  Allow it air to breathe and do not smother it as the roots will rot and the protea will die.  Don’t judge their past.

Embrace them because every Protea is beautiful.  Allow their roots to penetrate deep into your soil because every protea generate spectacular flowers that attract iridescent sun birds, and so will your friends attract great memories into your life!

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Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things.  The friends in my life, fills my garden and my heart!  Some perished and it still hurts,  but I am blessed with the greatest gift to have my friends and I treasure them! When I see them, I feel alive.  It feels like everything will be OK.  It feels like everything is worth it.

One day I may die without saying good bye to you. But I will never forget to say thank you, because you hold the most loveliest part in my life.  And lastly, to my friends…  Friendship is not a label, but my promise to you.

What-If Woes

Posted: April 18, 2018 in Current

In our lifetime, we almost daily find the proverbial fork in the road where we must make decisions or take actions that can change the rest of our lives.  Sometimes circumstances even force you into a direction where you have no choice but need to adapt.

Days, weeks, months, even years can pass before we find ourselves questioning our actions even though we are frequently told not to brood over past events.

What if… my dad didn’t pass away when he did?  How would it have affected my personality?  How different would my life have been?  Would I have been a greater success or a greater failure?

What if I finished my studies? Would I be overworked?  Would I be unemployed?  What if I got married when I was younger?  Would I still be married, or be divorced?  Would I have kids now?   Would I be a good father figure – a hero to my kids?  Or would I be a dad that would’ve been a bad influence and destroyed their future?

What if I never chatted on online mediums?  Where would I have been today?  What if I never moved away… or moved back?  Would I still have had access to great people I have met?  Would I have been more miserable if I stayed?  What if I never resigned?  Would I have made a success?

The what-if curse is endless.  The what-if burden is powerful.  We cannot predict the future and we do not have the luxury to turn back time to see where the other roads will lead.  I suppose it is true what they say:  Make the most of what you have.

My life could’ve been much different in many aspects.  But at the end, I also know irrespective of the path you have taken, there are blessings on each road.

There are many things I could’ve done better.  There are many bad decisions in my life.  Many of them, I still make today.  But I have been blessed with great people with moving, great people with the online community, great people I have met now, great people I have worked with in the past (magnificent people to be honest) and I have been blessed with people that were willing to take a chance on me up to this day!

A water molecule does not only flow in a single river, but ends up the in the oceans, evaporate, rain in a distant country, flows in a different country, ends up in a dam, and eventually ends up in the oceans again to start the process all over again. This is what life is all about.  Be the raindrop that sustains life and don’t focus on unimportant things.  What-if is past.  What-I-can is what you need to focus on.  Count your blessings as they are endless!

Hotel Obscurité, Room 2017

Posted: December 31, 2017 in Current

Every day, we face different challenges and obstacles, and the year 2017 did not disappoint in this regards. Every day we experience the good, the bad and the ugly of mankind.  This can range from disrespecting another person or person’s property because of your aggressive and selfish nature to seeing how a person can put their wellbeing aside for a being as small as a fingertip.  Unfortunately, the bad in people tend to rise whilst the best in people are oppressed, maybe out of fear.  The streets are filled with these creatures.

But, at the end of the day, I leave the streets and enter Hotel Obscurité, through the lobby, into the escalator that always plays the music I love.  When the doors open on the floor where my hotel room is, I am greeted by peace and quiet where I can calmly walk to my door without the rush of outside.

As I enter my hotel room and I slump down on the bed, and close my eyes, I try to forget the ugly that the day brought forth, and try to imagine a place where the call of whales and the gentle breeze of nature massaging my senses.

In 2017, the school of life made me realize a few things:

  • I can tolerate being disappointed by close friends or family, but I find it harder to handle if I disappoint the people I truly cherish in life.
  • Being blood does not make you family or give you the surety that family members will respect you or your property.  And the same goes for friends.
  • Friendships that lasted over years don’t necessarily mean they are your best.  People grow apart.  People change.
  • Long lost friendships are sometimes worth to find again.
  • Sometimes, loving someone so much that you will sacrifice your own happiness for theirs, are NOT easy, yet seeing how they are happy, makes it all worthwhile.

Hotel Obscurité is my safe haven.  It is the place I don’t have explain or to pretend.  It is the place where I can remove the mask and be myself.  The place I can just be me.  Between these four walls, I find solace in the darkness that surrounds me.  Just like crying in the rain, the hotel hides a heart filled with sorrow.  No questions… no explanations.  The darkness hides the shadows and silhouettes of the past.

Staying at Hotel Obscurité does come at a cost….  Sometimes protecting the people you love and cherish by your actions, you often lose that friendship/relationship and distance grows slowly to a point where you become strangers.  The hardest part is that I can still remember every single name and face of the ones that took a little bit of me.  Saying I am not a whole being, is an understatement.  Lots of my past chipped away and slowly took more and more of me.

Hiding in the shadows of the hotel room, is where no-one can see the scars.  In this hotel room, the monster is unknown to others.  In this hotel room, I can replay the good memories to the sounds of nature.  The past is what made me who I am today – good and bad, but I can be honest about it.