Christmas Spirit

Posted: October 1, 2006 in Prior to 2006

Have you ever thought of the whole concept? Sure, giving and receiving Christmas presents, Santa Claus  and all that.  Obviously, it is not what Christmas is all about. It is about celebrating the birth of Christ, about our Saviour and us being saved.  I think the spirit of Christmas is not about getting gifts and toys.  I think it is a subconscious feeling of relief that we have been saved… a subconscious feeling that there is hope… a subconscious feeling that we have been filled with love and saved by it… a subconscious feeling that we are not alone and there is always someone out there to share it with you.

The gift we are supposed to give and receive doesn’t cost an arm or a leg,  it is not exclusively available at one store.  It is love… Love is free; it is powerful; it is all around… just as long as it is pure.  With love come forgiveness; with love comes happiness; with love comes everything that can please a heart; that can put a smile on a face.  Isn’t that worth more than we could ever expect?


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