What Have Become Of Us

Posted: July 18, 2017 in Current

Lately, I have found myself becoming anti-social for numerous reasons.  I try not to rant and rave about these reasons on this medium, but sometimes people just push the right buttons.  I am talking about deceit, judgmental mentalities, assumptions, manipulation, disrespect and the general lack of moral values.

I have been lied to and being manipulated to force an issue so many times.  And I allowed it because I always believed people are better than what they are, it seems.  This is frustrating because more often than not, they base their decisions on their perceptions.  This drives me up the wall and makes me lose faith in mankind!  There are good and pure out there though!

I follow a few blogs, I read some of the posts that intrigue me, and then, there are writers where I almost read every post they post – purely because of their approach, their content and because you can feel (and often relate) to the emotion in what they put to paper.

Recently, I have found a blogger that I follow and read almost every post this person writes.  This writer writes fantastic posts, based on her life experiences.  One of her posts she writes about a disorder often forced upon society by marketing houses.   She defeated and overcame this disorder and has become a beautiful individual – inside and out.  During her time battling with the disorder, I can guarantee she got judged by many.  Now, after she is not a victim but a survivor, she gets judged because she didn’t tip the scale to the other side.  The typical “damned if you do; damned if you don’t” scenario!

How can a human being define you based on your race, gender, weight, language, religion or nationality? Being a Muslim does not make you a racist, just as much as speaking Afrikaans does not make you an oppressor!  Being white does not make you a racist or being black doesn’t make you a thug!

We are so focussed to label people that we have lost touch of compassion towards one another.  We are too focussed on our perceptions and opinions than to try and understand their point of view or believes.  But where does that leave people of pure heart and good intentions?  Is there a place at all in society for people like that?  Even being pure and innocent is now questioned by society with “What is wrong with you?”!

By reading this blogger’s posts I have realised why I become more anti-social and more attached to animals.  There are the gems out there, that shaped and formed to become who they are today, despite (and maybe because of) the pressures on them in the past, but these gems are very, very rare.

At the end, I realised that we, as the so-called “superior” species, have regressed into a despicable monster that thrives like a parasite on the goodness of others just to feel better about ourselves, whilst animals and the few gems constantly adapt to merely survive from day to day, appreciating what every day has to offer.


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