My Promise…

Posted: July 11, 2017 in BloggingHoliX, Current
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Life is full of surprises: sometimes good surprises; and then surprises you wish you never had.  My life is filled with them; good and bad; but for the last few years I have realised that the good surprises unequivocally supercede the bad.  And this is where I begin…

It is not a fairytale and it is not a myth.

It is a simple truth.

A blessing in more ways than one

and when you find such a gem,

what do you do?

You allow it to shine;

you allow it to be the best they can be.


This is my promise to you.

Waves may be crashing around you

and bashing you from side to side;

and while I have no powers to calm the waters,

I will be by your side

every single breath you take.

Every time you think you are all alone

in this mass of endless ocean,

I will be a whisper away,

reminded you of this promise I make to you.

You are stronger than you think;

You are greater than you believe;

You are more important than you can imagine.


A pearl of purity

pump through your veins

making you an island of grace

more often than not

saving me from myself

You will not falter

you will not fail

because wherever you direct your eyes

I will be there for you

no empty promise

no compromise

no strings attached

a simple promise I make to you

to keep close to your heart

and always remember

that no matter how hard this journey is

I will be there for you



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