Heroes: Fact or Fiction?

Posted: February 20, 2017 in Current
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In the world of make believe, the movies always portray a world of heroes and villains.  They are dressed in fancy costumes and with powers from beyond this world.  Unfortunately, we do not stay in the land far, far away of fairy tales.

Do heroes exist in our reality? The short answer is simple:  There are definitely heroes in this not-so-distant world.  When we talk about heroes in our world, we most often talk about firefighters, paramedics, doctors and good Samaritans – more often than not putting their lives in danger without any hesitation to safe a stranger (or even an animal for that matter).

The dictionaries describe a hero/heroin (referred to as heroes from here on) as a person with special abilities, like in our make-believe era, or as someone noted for their courageous acts or nobility of character.  A hero/heroin can also be seen as a role model.

Yet, how often does one meet a hero.  They are few and far between, and more often than not, a person can believe that these heroes and heroines don’t exist.  And then…

When you look closer to home, you realize that heroes and villains are in constant battle in your daily life.  Mini movie productions on a daily basis where you are the main character.

In the motion picture of my life, I have realized that I am fortunate where heroes are not limited to the land, far, far away.  In my decades of my existence, more often than not I played the villain with dire consequences – some irreversible. And it is a burden I will carry as it is the price one pays for your actions.  Yet, somehow, I have been very fortunate where strangers became my heroes.

My life has been a rollercoaster ride of note, and you only grasp how much of a peak or dip you had, once you are through it.  I had the best times of my life and the worst.  At one point, I believed my life was over.

At a stage, where I believe might have been the lowest point in my life, did a stranger reach out to take my hand and lift me back to where I can stand.  This person does not wear a cape or have extra-terrestrial powers, but just harvested the power, I believe, we all have within ourselves.  This hero showed that it is possible to be ‘all heart’.

This person showed me that you do not have to be the size of Hercules to be branded a hero, as long as your heart and intentions are pure.  I will always be in debt, and I will always respect this individual for who they are.  My gratitude is a debt I will gladly pay over and over again on a daily basis.  Words cannot express how I feel.  It might even sound melodramatic, but I would most likely have lost my life if it wasn’t for this soul.

This person is now among very few people I truly cherish in my life.  This person now forms part of a handful of people that I know for a fact safe me on a daily basis.

Wale Ayeni said: “Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairytale.”

With these few selected people in my life, my fairytale is one I am proud to journey through.  I will make mistakes and at times, I will undoubtedly be villainous in my story, but I am at peace as I know I have heroes that can guide me and support me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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