A Year-End Dream of New Beginnings

Posted: January 1, 2017 in Current

Another year has come and passed.  During this year we experienced good and bad… In some cases people experienced good that outweighs the bad, but unfortunately with others it was the other way around.  Some of us end this year with less family and friends than we started this year with.  Life does not wait for anyone, and while you try to cope with one aspect, time is ticking on and you have to adapt and cope.  And I just have a dream…dragon-fly

I dream of great years,

but I will accept the good moments even if it lasts for seconds.

I dream of laughter,
even if I have to laugh at myself sometimes.

I dream of wealth,

even if it is in the form of moments with great company.

I dream of happiness,
even if it is for a stranger next to the road.

I dream of peace,
even if it is for the moments I can spend in a garden.

I dream of joy,
the kind I have seen in a good friend’s smile.

I dream of ideas,
that might never realize, but it is a goal.

I dream of riches,
those I have found in a few friendships.

I dream of forgiveness:
for the things I have done in my past that changed my life forever.

I dream of success:
in the passion I have in life and professional.

I dream of wisdom
that will reflect on my decisions and actions.

I dream of health
for my family and friends.

I dream of sight,

to see the opportunities that arises.

I dream of faith
in trusting my capabilities.

I dream of hope,
of what can be and what can be achieved.

I dream of love,
shared between people.

I dream of patience,
to listen and hear; to watch and see; to live and experience.

I dream of a day where some of this can come true.  I am a dreamer.  It is in my nature, but it makes me who I am.  Some dreams are just too far to reach now, but for now, I will dream about tomorrow as my past has been written in stone already.


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