Ignorant Judiciaries

Posted: June 24, 2016 in Current
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A glossy cover does not depict the quality of the content in a book.  Yet, if possible readers see the ripped and worn backbone of a book, they do not reach for it, but a glossy, well-designed cover attracts them like a moth to a flame.  A good read is normally the one showing wear and tear because not one but many people read the book, and maybe even read it a few times.

In our modern times, on a daily basis you hear how people are judged for their sexual orientation, their religion, their skin colour, gender, cultures, their abilities/disabilities.  These matters even get accentuated during the ‘voting seasons’.  For these reasons am I losing faith in mankind!

Even when there is no gain for anyone, these matters are still a major problem in society, but when someone can benefit themselves, then all of a sudden they use these ‘trump cards’ to justify their means and add fuel to the fire.

Religion is but one tool for someone to gain votes and popularity; for another it is a way of life and beliefs.  ISIS-extremists are not speaking for the whole Muslim community.  Muslim is one of the great religions – their followers are dedicated and passionate about their beliefs.  Me, being a Christian, does not make me any better or worse than them, and the same apply to Buddhists and Hinduists and the multiple other religions out there.  Even if you have studied the Quran and the Bible in full to the utmost extent, the ‘educated’ outcome will still be “just your opinion”.

How can you fault someone for not believing in the same thing you do?  Can you say for certain you are right and the other person wrong?  Why can’t people from different religions share a table and enjoy each other’s companionship?  It is not impossible you know!

Race… In the apartheid era in South Africa, blood was spilled, based on your skin colour. Unfortunately, even now in the 21st century, not much has changed across the world.  Some use the race-card to incite others to violence.  Others then retaliate.  At the end, it is just a spinning wheel repeating the same problems over and over again.  Seeing an African walking down the street with a boom box, doesn’t mean the person stole it. A ‘white’ person is not necessarily wealthy. A Muslim is not a terrorist!

A person with or without abilities or disabilities is no better or worse than the other.  Being an amputee, does not mean you are less human than an able-bodied person (and I say that with caution).  Looking down on a disabled person is a disability by itself: Not to see what those people have accomplished with the hardships they face.  The only disability a human being can have is the lack of the correct attitude.

There is a saying that justice is blind.  Unfortunately, people think the blind means ignorant where it is actually meaning justice is impartial and objective.  Have you ever wondered why Lady Justice (a statue of a woman with a scale and a sword) is blindfolded?  The blindfold simply represent objectivity.  Justice is impartial and should be handed down objectively.  This needs to be done without fear or favour, regardless of the identities involved, fame, wealth, power or money.

Yet, mankind is so easy to judge without delving deeper.  People love the power to judge others and look down on others.  We all have weaknesses, but at the end, doesn’t matter who you are, what your believes and preferences are, we are all the same.  If a person closes his/her eyes, what do you know about a person across the road behind a brick wall?  It is a soul that travels through life in a vessel that bleeds red-coloured blood.  In essence, we are all the same: Flawed, but perfect!

Mankind have a degree in ignorance! We should be compassionate, selfless, respectful, kind and honest, yet we don’t experience that as much as we experience judgement on a daily basis.  We judge a book by its glossy cover, and pretend we have studied the content extensively and have become a know-it-all.  Regrettably, that is a choice a person makes.

We breathe the same air; we walk the same earth; we gaze at the same moon.  We can decide to burn ourselves by judging one another, or we can respect one another and appreciate what we have in our lives.  Hopefully one day, the common man judge and juries of the world will realize that we are all the same.


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