Little Pleasures

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Current
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Life is and always will be a rollercoaster ride – riddled with good times and tough times. Asking people what will make their life great normally ends up with similar responses of winning a lottery, big cars, and and and… Are materialistic things the answer to make someone happy?

Or is there more to life?

When we experience the toughest times in our lives, there is magic around us and it does not need any currencies. We forget to appreciate the little pleasures in life that makes life worth living. These magical moments don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, or put you in debt for 60 months! It is for mahala – free – gratis!

These little pleasures are some of the best experiences in the world. Waking up, drawing the curtains and notice you have another hour or two to sleep is a simple example. The smell of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning; or the aroma of rain in the air cannot be bought!  But there are so many more… each differs from person to person. But at the end these lift-me-uppers are angels lifting our spirits.

To me, the best cherished and most miraculous little pleasures are:

Spending time with a friend walking between shrubs and plants, seeing what nature has to offer; seeing how these things light up her eyes; her mind electrified with possible ideas of what can be done with this or that plant.  Even visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a while; or receiving an unexpected hug from someone you have a lot of respect for; seeing a smile on someone your cherish or hear the laughter of a friend or love one; seeing the face of your pup in the morning (fully anticipating a possible treat or mini-coffee); dancing in the rain for no apparent reason! These are the priceless moments!

When life throws you lemons and you are down the dumps, it is the moment when you realise that you have friends and loved ones that will support you and be by your side when you need it most, that lessen the load on your shoulders.  Little pleasures don’t only appear in good times and but in tough times too.  A person just need to be aware of it surrounding you.

Knowing you have a friend or loved on you can rely on in difficult times are priceless!  Knowing someone that will not lie to you, but rather tell you the truth to prepare yourself for the future is a great treat and pleasure – yet, unfortunately this is a very rare occurrence.  Support and friendships are key pillars in life that is uplifting and right amongst the best of treasures.

I am fortunate that I feel lifted when I know I can make someone feel better; or smile; or for a split moment forget their difficulties. It is as simple as that.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  I am fortunate with the people I have in my life.  Some of the most precious moments in life are shared with people that are important in your life.

Don’t let the darkness dampen the light in your life!  Open your eyes and appreciate the little pleasure in life – whether it be a person, animal, memory or experience!  Let it carry you forward!


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