When Strangers Become Friends; And Friends Become Strangers

Posted: June 27, 2015 in Current
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Every day we wake up, and from the word ‘Go’ are we in a race against time: we rush from Point A to Point B, passing thousands of people – each to their own accord.  Have you taken the time to look at their faces?   Have you seen the hurt in someone’s eyes? Have you seen a stranger’s beautiful smile? While you commute (and cannot really do much), have you listened to another stranger’s ‘belly laughter’?

Who were your friends before you became friends?  Isn’t true to say that they were strangers too?  How did you manage to take a stranger and change that person not to be a stranger anymore, but become one of your friends?  Can you remember the circumstances?  Was it just coincidence?  Was it a conscious decision? On the other hand, was it something that ‘just happened’?  Was it the similarities you shared, or was it the differences that changed this stranger to a friend.

My circle of friends surely all has one thing in common: diversity.  As much as they are alike, do they differ.  As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, some of my friends carry more weight in my life than others.  This weight is not defined by race, gender or wealth, but it is more defined by the nature of the friendship we share.  With this statement, I do not mean it is a complicated process of judging and elimination, but it boils down to a very simple principle: be true to who you are and to the friendship.

In any circle of friends, there are only a few individuals that don’t fear speaking the truth.  These friends will not sugarcoat the things they believe they should share with you.  I have so much respect for these friends as it takes courage to do so.  Because of this, will I do everything to my capability to ensure the friendship grows from strength to strength!  Many times in my life have I allowed people to get the better of me because of lies and deceit, and I have often bumped my head against this boulder; so I much prefer bumping my head against the deserved truth every once in a while.

What is a good friendship (and what is not) according to me?

Whether it is the spoken word or your actions, be truthful about everything.  Respect each other.  Respect does not mean always agreeing.  It simply means respect each other’s point of view and opinions.  Be reliable and supportive.  You don’t necessarily need to have all the answers, but a shoulder to lean on can go far!  Listen!  Listen because you want to listen and understand.  Do not listen with a fraction of your brain while the majority of your intelligence tries to formulate an answer while your friends still talks.  Make the friendship a good experience.  Base your friendship on love – unconditional and sincere.

Just as strangers can become friends, it saddens me to admit that sometimes the opposite is true as well.  How many people can pride themselves that they have their friends for forty, fifty, sixty or even more years? Sadly, that number is not great.  When a friendship ends for the reason where you are better off, a person can understand, but that is not always the case.  Sometimes it is circumstances out of your control.  In these cases, you realize that you did not thank them or tell them how much you appreciate them before it is too late.

My current special friends (and the ones I have lost), times may pass without a whisper exchanged between us, but the bond is still strong and growing.  For the truth we share, I appreciate you.  For the moments shared and the memories created, I love you.  For your support, I hope I can repay soon.

  1. Gary says:

    Very true and accurate words bro.


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