Villains And Heroes

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Current
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In our childhood, we were told fairy-tales where superheroes always defeat monsters or villains.  We believed in these superheroes and always wanted to become one.  As we grow older, our believes change and the term ‘superheroes’ is confined to movies and stories we tell our children.

How can we tell our kids not to lie, but we tell them stories of superheroes – the things we don’t believe in anymore.  Little do we know, some of us are blessed with heroes – with superpowers of their own and sadly, with villains too.  I am sure by now you believe I have lost my mind or that I am delusional?  I can confidently tell you I am far from it.  Life has little twists and turns and it never plays out how you originally planned, but it is not necessarily all bad. So where are these heroes?

How do we define superheroes and villains?  If I was to ask you to describe a superhero or villain, how will you describe them?  To me, superheroes and villains all wear masks, some to hide the darkness, and others just to merely blend in.  Here is my take on superheroes and villains that I encounter on a daily basis.

I know that nameless strangers can be categorized into these two groups too.  Paramedics, firefighters, etc. is a prime example of heroes – even superheroes, that put their life on the line for someone they have never met, while the ones that practice crime and corruption for example can be seen as villains.  Both these groups think nothing of what they are; it is just who they are.  But it is not just strangers that can be categorized into these two groups.  It can be much, much closer than what you can imagine.

Yes, friends, family, loved ones can be categorized into the same groups.  Unfortunately, we have people in our lives that will play the role of the villains.  They wear masks to make you feel at ease and comfortable.  At some point in time, their true colours appear.  We all have friends in our lives, and it is true what they say ‘Quality over Quantity’!  Somewhere you will have a friend that is always there for you.  You don’t necessarily contact them on a daily basis, but when you need the pillar to lean on, they don’t ask questions – they are just there for you!  Sometimes you need someone to direct you, sometimes someone just to lend you an ear.  Other times you need that friend to share a special moment, a tear, memory or laughter.  They don’t ask for remuneration or wealth.  It is just something they do.  It is part of their nature.

I know I have a few.  Some that support me; some that share special moments; some that speak the truth when I lose my way.  Some have the courage to be ‘cruel to be kind’.  And sometimes, when I break down, I have the friends that support me without judging. I know that some will fade and I know some will even disappear, but at the same time I know that there are people in my life that will be the light at the end of the tunnel.  These same people will not pretend and just tell me what they think I wish to hear.  Some will give me suggestions, some will just listen; and then one or two will slap me across the face and tell me to face reality.

And in the same way, I wish to be there for these friends.  If someone needs some venting, or want a listening ear, I want to be there for them.  I might not have the answers, but I do not want any of my superheroes to implode.  I cherish them too much.  I will do whatever it takes to see them happy and smile, at any cost.  If I can be a release button, I would be that for them.  If I could be a stress reliever, I would be.  If I have to be a punching bag, so be it.  Bruises heal.

At the end, my downfall is seeing my friends in a bad space; an unhappy place.

But like in every good comic book, superheroes and villains have superpowers, with our everyday experiences, the heroes and villains have special abilities too.   Some more than others and these powers differs from person to person.

On even a deeper level, I have superheroes and villains within me – From thriving demons to struggling heroes!  I am not saying I am possessed by spirits, but a war is constantly battling within me; not sure who will stand tall as the victor at the end.

One of the great villains is disappointment.  I don’t focus a lot of my energy on what people think about me.  However, I do not want to disappoint the great people in my life.  This in turn often turns out as if insecurities fill my life.  Maybe I try too hard.

Trust is one of those characters that can be a villain or a hero.  At times I trust too easily and I find myself juggling coal and still burning myself.  Other times, I build walls around me and then not allowing myself to trust people with genuine intentions.

I think my greatest superhero residing within me, is the capability to love; unconditionally and without pretence.  I know I have a big heart and I know it often carried me to dark and lonely places, but I have no regrets.  At the end I know, I can love my family and they tell them I love them.  I love my friends and they know I do.  And for that special someone, there is a very special place where this superhero called Love draws its energy from.

The last hero I would like to mention is Hope!  Hope is one of those typical sidekicks of a superhero: stubborn and often gets kicked in the nuts, but always by your side as strong as it possibly can be.  Hope is that one day the heroes will conquer and rule over the villains; Hope is looking forward to introduce someone to that special place.

Do you know who the superheroes are in your life?  What are their ‘powers’?  Do they know you believe they are a hero in your life?

Just the same way is there something out there more complex, yet less understood.


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