The Bitter Void Of The ‘For Granted’

Posted: February 17, 2015 in Current
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Currently, South Africa experience frequently load-shedding schedules and we find the inconvenience annoying to say the least. However, it makes one wonder… How many times do you find yourself taking someone or something for granted? We are all guilty of this at some point in our life – one way or another. Every time we take someone or something for granted, we dig a hole, we build an auditorium of dark silences – dungeons of chills and emptiness. We are human, and humans do have flaws.

From the insignificant acclaimed gecko that catch those annoying mosquitos, to the significance of awaking to a beautiful sunrise knowing we are alive, we tend to overlook these things. Water; electricity or sanitation – basic human rights that we never think of.

Sometimes, the human race is partly to blame for taking someone for granted too and with this I am not attempting a blame-shifting game. People will lie, tell you what you want to hear (with no or very little truth as foundation) and deceit with the intention to have you lowering your guard for their benefit. And sometimes those people sneaks deep into your heart, until you decide to take it to the next level, and then the lies expose themselves. By putting your guard up again, you make it even more difficult for the next person to reach your inner soul.

Most possibly, a person with pure intentions will think they are taken for granted, and all this because of scar-tissue created by a deceitful person. Life is a constant evolving school and we try to learn from our mistakes. People are not really making it easy as there are no defining guidelines or rules on making a judgement before it is too late.

So here I find myself, admitting to this sin. Apart from the obvious where water on tap miraculously appear with the twist of a wrist, and cooked food to my enjoyment, it is not just these tools and objects of our daily life that I take for granted.

Friends, family and loved ones became part of this sin. A friend that always supported me through all these years, where mood swings were a daily occasion and aggression ruled. Even though we don’t speak often, or see each other frequently, I know this friend is always available to help me with whatever I need.

With my employment over the years, I have met up with great colleagues or ex-colleagues, and yes some that I despise too. Some stayed colleagues, some became strangers, whilst others became more; much more. Meeting up with some of them on the odd occasion is fun – talking about the ‘old days’. Even with my current employment I have met amazing people – one even a visionary! Something that I never thought possible to meet a person with such values and dedication to her business. The positivity radiates from deep; affecting everyone in the vicinity.

My family is amazing. I can’t remember when last I told them I loved them, but they supported me with heartache, and when things made a turn for the worse in my career. I did not need to ask. They were just there for me. As any family, we do argue or rather disagree about things, but I know at the end, we love each other – no matter what.

Even the people in my past, I do not take for granted. Simple things will always remain with me. Dancing in the rain with a special friend; little written notes exchanged; sitting on the bed talking until the early morning hours; touching that special someone’s hands; getting called up for a cup of java; meeting up with someone and enjoy a magical hug. Having a cupcake decorated with a candle to celebrate a birthday or trying to offer a surprise event to someone special. There are people that make me think twice about gifts and especially their gifts: each might seem very insignificant, but has deeper meanings behind it. If I had to make a list, I think I will have a list that can wrap the world completely. But all these things, have only a handful of people involved. Things that people forget, will always remain with me; embedded in my heart and soul.

What weight does it carry in my life? More than these people will ever know. Each person that I share these memory with, are irreplaceable. I never tell them how much I love them, or what they mean in my life.

I very seldom say thank you. I very seldom mention that I miss them and what they mean to me. This is my first little step I am taking. What does this make me? Lucky Fish! Yes, I have been blessed! Realizing what I have, fills the emptiness inside me. I still have the “What if…” ghosts and scar tissue of the past that haunt me daily, but at least I know that the few moments I had with each of these people, I will cherish for the rest of my life.

What and/or who are you taking for granted? Do you notice that everything that ‘just happens’ or the things that comes naturally (to others), are the things you take for granted the most? This is where I want to challenge you! Make a list of things you take for granted and make a separate list of people you take for granted. Every day, make an effort to remove the top of those lists to the bottom, or even better, off the list! If your loved one and/or direct family is on that list, make sure they know how you feel! Do something to make them feel appreciated and what importance they are in your life! In all fairness, if they are on the top of your list, because they do what comes naturally to them and you are probably the top of their priority list, is it not a good idea to make the effort to show them that you do NOT take them for granted

Replace the ‘for granted’ with gratitude! It will change your life as well as the ones’ around you. It does not cost anything! Simple gestures and communication will go a long way!

  1. Dael says:

    This was written for me 🙂 not even knowing this is how I am feeling. So many times we feel like the underdog and being taken for granted. But to wake up every morning to the rays of the new days sun rays, to hear the dogs barking and the birds chirping we are blessed. Humans are fallible and are actually not important if they take you for granted, but those that do are weak in heat and spirit. We are blessed in so many ways daily, more than we should be. But we are important, someone finds you important, even if it is just one, you are their world. And that my dear friend must be appreciated. Thank you for this blog, what it means to me words cannot explain. Know in my heart I appreciate you, the amazing friend that you are for so many years and for always being there. i AM blessed.

    Love and hugs always

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