Blindness In Beauty

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Current
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Earth and everything on it, consists of different elements and combinations of elements and that define the object. It does not mean that the different elements can’t look identical though.

Glass can be shaped and polished to look like a diamond, but when you look at the price difference between these items, just as an example, then you know here is more to it than just the mere appealing visuals. Sadly, the same is true with relationships.

Some people will commit 100% of themselves and more if it was possible, whilst others will not. Is it a fear of commitment? Or is it the selfish nature of mankind where people will play with your heart for their gain – not caring about the consequences others experience by their actions.

Some people will not hesitate to tell you what they think you want to hear, yet them hiding the truth cause havoc as those ‘lies’ often allows the other party to break down their walls and defenses and commit wholeheartedly.

Sadly, when people reveal their true selves, it force the ones with genuine and pure intentions, to rebuild their barriers and safekeeping mechanisms; keeping even more people out of their hearts – resulting in a love lost.

Is there a way to differentiate between the ‘glass’- or ‘diamond’- elements of love and relationships? Is there a surefire way to know immediately? Is it worthwhile to take another chance? Do I have an answer to these questions?
There is no easy or definite answer to these questions?

All I am sure of is that I do have glass elements and I do have diamond elements scattered in my life. The diamond elements in my life are the ones that combined certain aspects and elements like diamonds do… a friend (acting as coal) with circumstances and pressures of life (being the heat and pressures deep within the earth) and over time, the coal meta morph into this precious gem – a Diamond!

The glass elements in my life, polished to look like a diamond, have caused enough in life with their lies and the fake and constant pretense. Do not find yourself comparing your diamonds with polished glass! Do not stare blindly into the shallow surfaces of glass, but mine deep for those priceless and precious gemstones. The diamonds are worth fighting for and worth any effort. Glass can easily be replaced.


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