Love: Life’s Perfect Photograph

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Current
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Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away – Elbert Hubbard

Photography and love is very similar on multiple levels. Now you may ask how I can compare love with something like photography, and I will explain it in the simplist way I see it. In photography you need a camera, a lens, a tripod and a medium (memory card /film) to capture your photos, and then a few guidelines and settings and you are set to go.

The concept of photography is a simple explanation: Photography in basic terms, is the capturing of the reflection of light off a subject – whether it is a landscape with vibrant colours in the golden sunset or a back & white portrait onto a medium.

Photography has many disciplines ranging from wildlife, seascapes and landscapes to archicetcural, underwater and fashion photography. Even though there are many professionals in each discipline, their masterpieces are unique to their own talents. This fact proves that even though there are many guidelines to assist you in taking photos, it all depends on what you want to express with the photo you capture. It depends on the settings and composition that you choose, to capture your work of art.

With photography, there are a few points (or settings as you may) like ISO, Aperture, Shutterspeed, etc. that can change the outcome of a photo. And for a photo to be ‘successful’, there should be a balance between all these settings.

The biggest aspect of photography in my opinion is light. Light can then be further subdivided into categories namely: transmitted light, reflected light, natural light, artificial light, hard light, and soft light.  In my view, love can be subdivided too; love between friends, love between family, love between lovers. Love can present itself in many different forms.

ISO in photographic terms measure and sets the camera’s sensitivity to light. Many of us have hurt and we carry some baggage around us, and most times we don’t see light. This is where lowlight photography like astrophotography comes in to play. Sometimes a person doesn’t notice that you find the brightest star in the darkest night. The higher the ISO on a camera, the more sensitive the camera will be to capture light particles. When there is a lot of light, you set the ISO setting to a desired setting to allow only enough light in to ensure a well presented photo.

When it is dark and murky, you set the ISO high to absorb as much light, and build your astronomical photo with each particle of light. And this is the same with relationships. For the one that presents you with love even when everything in life seems dark and bitter absorb as much as you can, for it is precious. When you find yourself in times where things present themselves easier, absorb the light of true love, and focus on that, and eliminate the fake and illminded. Love is all around us and love comes in different shapes and size. Love is the moment where nothing makes sense, and in all the chaos, you heart still skips a beat with an intoxicating feeling.

Aperture in photography defines the diameter of the opening where light can penetrate into the camera and it even defines your depth of field, in other words how much the background will be blurred out or how much of the view will be in focus. With love, set your aperture to have your love in focus and the background blurred out to reduce the clutter that loses the focus on what the main subject is.

With love, the clutter I mention is third parties and situations that should not affect your relationship. Love can look like a landscape, where you want all in focus or love can seem as small as a glittering star in the sky, but remember that a star is firey planets / suns!

Then the last ‘setting’ I will use to compare love with photography, is shutterspeed. In a nutshell, shutterspeed is the length of time a camera’s shutter allows light to reach the image sensor. A long shutterspeed allows a lot of light, whilst a fast shutterspeed reduces the time for light to penetrate. Too much light, will make the photo overexpose and you will end up with an unusable photo where you cannot recognise the subject.

With lowlight photography, you will open the shutter for long periods to achieve a great shot. Love is very similar. With heartache and pain, we tend to close up, and sometimes when a little star tries to reach us and penetrate our souls, we shut them out. Even when hurt, don’t push away the people that love you. Allow the love to enter your soul and develop that beautiful nightscape photo.

There are guidelines like 2/3 rules and poses etc. to enhance your photos, and like many professionals will tell you: it is only guidelines. Sometimes going against certain guidelines can create the photo you want! What is the guidelines for love? Are there any guidelines for love? I believe there are. Listen to your partner; look them in their eyes and tell them and show them that you love them; support them. Sometimes shoving or nudging someone into the right direction is means of helping them and other times forgiveness for when they have wronged.

Love is powerful. Even when equipment rusty, you still feel the emotion in seeing a beautiful photo. With love, let your heart be the camera, let your eyes be the optics to see the love around, let your mind be the medium, and let your love be the tripod for the people you love. Love is the trust you put in someone knowing they can tear you apart, yet you feel confident that they will not. Love is not the equipment. Love is the photo! Don’t use someone’s love for you, to play a game or use them as a tool to hurt another or for insincere reasons.

You have the settings; you have the guidelines; you have the equipment. The comination of all this can create breathtaking photos – it is all up to you. If you find love, radiate your love like a candle in the darkest night. If you are receiving such a blessing, absorb that light and reflect the beauty of your own love back. Reflecting and radiating light (love) will fade the darkness and shadows. Create that perfect picture!


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