Is New Beginnings Possible?

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Current
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There is a famous saying: “If one door closes, another open”.  Is there any truth to these sayings? Or is it just the ranting and ravings of an verbally expressive lunatic.  With this in mind, I was wondering if I closes off a chapter in my life, if it will mean the start of a new chapter.

The past chapter has been filled with good times, even great times, and yet it was overshadowed with hard and dark and difficult times.  In the end, it doesn’t matter what happens, life goes on and does not wait for anyone.  I have spend so much time ‘waiting’ and I have nothing to show for it.

The new chapter will not mean drastic actions or changes and complete metamorphosis, but I have decided to slightly change my priorities in my life.  I will spend more time with the people that is important to me.  I will make time for people who does not lie to me or play me a fool. Instead, I will spend my energy on people that is true to who they are and who is true to our friendships.

In the past I have learnt valuable lessons (I hope).  I even put my life on hold for a while, but I have no idea what purpose it served.  Time is valuable and how you spend it is your choice.  And like any spending or investment, your return on your investments, depend on your choices.

I will invest in the great people in my life, and my return on investment will be good memories I share with them.  An added bonus will be the smiles and good times we will share. What is so so amazing with such an investment?  Purely because if you invest in the right people in your life, it is not a high risk investment and you cannot lose; you can just gain,

During good times and bad times, you will never lose more than what you invested, and the stronger bond you build with the special people in your life, the more you will wonder why you didn’t invest into them sooner. 

May this new chapter be filled with good times and memories embedded into my soul.

  1. elzaanvw says:

    If you turn a page … What’s written will remain and form the story to follow .. but it should never define the story to follow … what will the fun in that be ?


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