Selcouth Castle

Posted: February 25, 2014 in BloggingHoliX, Current
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The swallows are racing across the planes while guinea fowl argues in the distance.  And then… deafening silence. No howling wind to distract my thought processes.  The night closes in and the day fades into only distant memories. There is an unsettling chill in the air.  The inevitable is about to happen.

United armies confront from all sides.  Chaos reigns and confusion sets in on who is friend or foe, enemy or ally.  All four walls take a beating, showing cracks and fatigue.  The keeper called on all men at arms to protect and defend.  No-one will pass these walls.  Yet, we were so focused on keeping one and all outside these four walls, that someone slipped into the citadel.  Someone conquered the throne.  However, the war is now to protect and serve.  The purpose and loyalty is so much stronger.  The will instilled into the armies are greater.  We are ready to fight for another day!  The power within grew much stronger than ever before.

The steward employed staff to look after this new queen – from jesters to housekeepers.  All in a ploy to embrace the new royalty – to make her feel at home. This dwelling became a castle once more.  Dusty corridors became pathways filled with fresh, colourful flowers and its scent filled the whole castle with a feeling of spring; a time of new beginnings even though wars are brewing outside. Joy and laughter filled every inch of this kingdom.


As silently as you came, you left.  The empty throne looks unnatural.  The empire slowly crumbling.  The marshal called on a messenger and he was sent out to find you, with a message.  The letter was written in anguish and pain; fear and hurt as the teardrops that tainted the scroll are evident.  The message wasn’t opened till much later as it wasn’t marked important.  The weathered message became so faint and almost unreadable.  A great deal of the message was lost into thin air – a cry for help; a plead for forgiveness; a word of faith; a promise of eternity; a prayer of hope; a gift of memories.  Some sentences’ meanings changed because of  the dilapidated or vanished words.  We waited on a word from you, but nothing arrived in our quarters.  The armies, started loosing faith.  The inspiration to keep on going grows weaker by the day.

The goal shifted from winning the war, to just mere surviving and protecting your most precious and irreplaceable place of where you were.  For now, soldiers and warriors were instructed to retreat to the fortress… Not fighting to gain anymore, but to limit the losses. Now, our castle became our own dungeon… our prison.

IF, and when you return, I hope that you will still find a castle, and not an abandoned and haunted place of ruins.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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