A Pearl of Four Dimensions

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Current
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Sometimes, we are blessed to meet someone in our lives, that is more than just another one passing by. Sometimes we find love. As love is something that grows, you need to nurture it to become what it is destined to be. Sometimes we find a four-dimensional treasure. Whether it is a friend, a spouse, a loved one or family. I have found a four-dimensional angel

She is my heroine. A woman of distinguished abilities, which is admired for her fine qualities and achievements, is often described as a heroine. A legendary figure that saves the day. A heroine, saving me from myself. A diamond in the rough that, against all odds, springs up hope when I have lost it all.

She is my princess. A lady with sovereign powers and a lady of high standing and royalty. And like in all fairy tales, always someone where beauty radiates from deep within, and it is reflected in her beauty outside. Admiration grows because of who she is, and what she means to the people around her – especially to me.

She is a queen. She is the monarch of my heart, foremost or preeminent in any respect; the most important of her kind! As she is eminent in rank, powers and attractions, I know I can trust her with my life. A queen rules her kingdom to the best of her abilities, and with your great heart, I have all faith in her.

She is a kindred spirit. A supernatural being because even if she is not close by, I still want to change for the better, because she believes in me; and I believe in her. Physically she is not near, yet, she fills the holes in my heart.

The emotions I experience when I think of her are surreal, but I have realized that I have received hope, support, trust and faith because of this four-dimensional being. If you find a gem like this, work hard to make it last! Embrace the beauty from within; accept that someone can become your heroine, your queen and your angel. Love is a gift, and the more you look after it, the longer it will last and the more joy it will bring you.  Never give up on someone as precious as this.


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