I Bid You Farewell…

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Current
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The last decade or so, I have met the greatest of friends and colleagues.  Some friends I see as family and colleagues became friends… or my business family. People build bonds and experience connections with each other.  Good memories are made.  Building blocks experienced as we grow older. But as times change and people move on, we eventually find ourselves to part ways.

Saying goodbye is not always easy.  Sometimes we have no choice.  But there is always hope of seeing them again. Here I sit with something that empties my heart at a fast pace.  I am saying farewell to colleagues, great friends and even loved ones.  I sit and bid farewell to a very dear friend.  She has been so supportive and even with everything happening in her own life, never judged me.  With her leaving, the empty hole I have, feels worse.  She could not fill this hole, but her comforting words silenced the pain and made the emptiness less evident.

Farewell is definite and irreversible.  It saddens me and drains my soul that in some cases, the farewell is caused by our own hand.  I am bidding farewell to great people tonight.  Some old colleagues, some good friends and some I really grew to love with all my heart.

I will allways cherish the memories made.  I will always remember the little things that meant to world to us.  I will celebrate the time I have shared with you.  Wherever you find yourself dear friend, colleague or loved one, I will never forget you.

I will celebrate your existence and your role in my life.

I know that there are times where I do not wish to say farewell, but many times, those decisions are not ours for the taking.  Sometimes, special people slip out of your hands.  Those are the hardest farewells.  I wish I could fight against those farewells.

However, I am here, with a heavy heart, wishing you all a safe journey; wishing you a great adventure ahead.  Thanking you for being who you are, shaping me for who I will become.


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