The Lovers’ Gift Spawned

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Current
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When two souls intertwine, something inexplicable happens…. Something that you cannot describe in words.  It is a kind of magic that overpowers all.  Embodied souls connect and conceive the unimaginable… something is growing within…

An explosion of the enigmatic cannot be controlled or defined.

Conceiving of a new life in the form of a baby, you might plan for, but you cannot control it.  You can plan to have kids, but you have no control on when a baby is conceived; you cannot control the growth of such a little being.

“We are expecting!!!”

Love is the child that grows wild within when the two souls collide.  Unnoticed at first, it takes shape and the cells multiply.  It grows bigger and stronger up to a point where the undetected becomes visible.  It cannot be stopped.

As the embryo develops into a little angle within the safety of the womb, the interlocking personalities have now merged from friendships into one term in the form of parents.  Infatuation becomes a responsibility.  As parents, you take pride in the beauty of the newly born. You swell with joy.  As with all parenthood, it will not always be a breeze in the park.  There will be hardships and difficult times.  But the joys and happiness that this child brings into your world will never be matched by anything.  And no matter whether it is now, or 80 years from now, your child may have matured, but it will still be your kid!

Love cannot be bought; it cannot be prescribed. Love absorbs the type of energy you feed it.

Take the time and effort to provide shelter for your love.  Give it a place to stay… deep within your hearts.  Feed your love by making time for each other and to listen to each other.  Nourish your love by respecting each other.  Grow your love by making each day a step on a journey into each other’s hearts and minds… the treasure of true love is only found by few.  Educate your love by learning from your mistakes and be willing to forgive.  Clothe your love with hope and dreams!

And most of all, if you find love, don’t throw it away. Don’t let someone truly special slip out of your hands.


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