Different Points Of Views

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Current
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The sun arose from the east and gently grazed over the lands.  It heated up the water to create little clouds.  The clouds build stronger and stronger.  The clouds turn dark and roll over the skies.  The heavens then opened up and rain comes pouring down.

Some creatures run to find shelter under a tree and lean against the bark; waiting impatiently for the rain to disappear.  As dusk covers covers the horizon and the clouds dissipates, the creatures decide to continue on their journey.

As the stars break through the evaporating clouds, the the moonlit pathways are there for the taking to continue ones journey to the destination you have chosen.

It this ordinary scenario I pictured above, lies one of lifes greatest challenges – not seeing the bigger picture!  I find myself where I am not sure which step to take, to move forward, and in this struggle I realized two things: assumptions are not always correct; and sometimes you have to try and picture multiple points of views with regards to a situation and/or circumstances.

The scenery I described is very simple and very ordinary: it is nature and I will describe the major elements I wish to bring my point across:

The sun is not rising to burn you, but merely providing the necessary rays for flowers to open their blossoms to attract insects and thus ensuring the growth of the species.  It even provides Vitamin D.  The clouds that formed, was not to drench you right through and get you sick, but it was to wash away the dust, clearing the air and to assist in the growth and existence of life.

The tree wasn’t something in your path, but provided protection and comfort.  And with that, seedlings were spread to wider areas.  When the clouds evaporated, it made space for the stars and the moon to shine a soft light on the world: soft  enough for one to sleep, yet bright enough for you to find your way.

I have taken a chance, and I opened my arms wide for you; exposing my heart.  I want you close and I want to wrap my arms around you.  I want to be the tree that protect; and if you allow that, I will be embraced with your energy feeding me like the sun, the water and the earth.

Even though day turned into night, it doesn’t mean the sun has left you.  I created an environment for you to regroup, get rest, and take on life the following day.  So when I give you space, it is not because I am pushing you away, but merely my effort to give you and your circumstances a chance and time to resolve.  When it rains, it is because I want to wash away your pain. When the moon shines, I want you to feel safe.

But, assumptions are flooding into my brain and it makes it difficult to keep a clear mind. I am reaching out to you, but your crossed arms and clutched fists do not move an inch, and doubt sets deeper – so deep that I am starting to miss the multiple points of views any scenario will have.  As you push me away, it feels like a crater that hit the earth… all empty without your presence, and yet you have left a lasting impression in my life.

I am grasping and hoping, but if the sun and the rain never appear, my hope and dreams will wilt away.  With every shooting star I see, I make the same wish over and over again… I am fighting, but forced to my knees.  Tears clogging up my views into haziness of uncertainty.

In life, we received the freedom and privilege to make choices, and yes, sometimes we don’t make the right choices.  However, we have the right to make choices.  We can choose what we want to do; we can choose how to address things; we can choose what we having for dinner. Yet, sometimes, inexplicably and unintentional, choices are taken away from you – for whatever reasons.  Sometimes fear of hurting someone, will drive your decisions to avoid talking about things; other times people will lie… these are little things that have the power taking your choices away from you.

I have chosen to love; I have chosen to be a true friend, but my choices were in vain as they have decided to decline my friendship and support – they chose not to see the tree, feel the rain, be comforted by the moonlight.  Even though they have elected to give up, and even though I can’t change that, I know that I cannot give up this time.  I will be as visible as stars during the day, watching over you, wishing the best for you, and  you will never realize it.


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