A Stolen Heart

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Current
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I am not perfect… in fact, I am far from it, but I know when I have encountered perfection; whether it is found in nature, a feeling or emotion.  Today is the beginning of Spring, and I noticed that one of my friends is celebrating her 37 year wedding anniversary and it made me realize… It IS out there!  There is a magic that exist and if you find it, you must hold on to it!

A heart is missing!  It was stolen by you, and all you left was an empty ribcage  that kept my heart from damage.  I thought it was safe from the outside world. But here is the thing…

When you are not near, I notice the hole where my heart was.  I experience a feeling of perfection… Perfectly lost and empty inside.  Not hearing your voice, is like robbing me from the birds singing in the mornings; not seeing you, is an experience that can be described like a sunrise that never happened. When I don’t feel you, I am not alive.

When you close to me, the accelerated beat of both hearts are rumbling through my veins. This perfect feeling can be described as heavenly or even more pure. The mercury is rising just by the thought of you, and the harsh cold of the outside world does not hinder me.  I feel alive!  All the battles and hardships suddenly feels if they had a purpose. I can smile and feel happiness as nothing else matters. The only thing that is important right now, is what I feel.  You might not be perfect, but in my eyes you are!

I know not all of us will have the blessing of a wedding anniversary of 37 or more years, but sometimes it will not be the obvious.  Love is not something you can switch on and off on demand.  It is an energy that can’t be destroyed.  Sometimes, like it or not, we must take a step back, and hope and love from a distance that that person can find happiness.

Being the one stepping back, doesn’t mean you stopped loving, but maybe loving in such a manner that you will sacrifice your happiness for theirs. I would rather love from the sideline seeing a smile on her face.  It is not easy, but it can be done.

In conclusion I wish to say the following:  If you found that magic, and you have the opportunity to spend the rest of your life with the person making it happen for you, do not waste time and do not neglect that energy.  It will not always be easy and sometimes it needs a little bit (or even a lot) of elbow grease, but it is worth it.  The same applies to the ones that let go, not because the magic is not there, but maybe because it is a different kind of magic.

However, love, support, compromise and hope are tools given to you to help you on your way.

To my dear friends that celebrate this wonderful day, I wish you many more.  You are an inspiration to many out there – me included. Enjoy this day and every moment hereafter.  Thank you for showing us that magic does exist in this modern day and age.


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