Tipping The Ebb Of Flow By Your Own Hand

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Current
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We always experience something virtuous or something unscrupulous on a daily basis.  It is like the Yin and Yang in eastern philosophies. Unfortunately, it is not something you always have control of.

The worthy and /or debauched, people experience on a daily basis differs from person to person.

You are awakened by the clock alarm in the morning, but you enjoy those ‘snooze’-moments for a little while.  As you still steal those five minutes sleep, you turn your head and you look at the peaceful face of a loved one.  When you eventually have to get up, you prepare that fresh aroma, steaming coffee.  You take your coffee, open the curtains, sits on your favourite couch and admire the beautiful sunrise – highlighting the beauty of spring.  In the matter of a few moments, there are a multitude great moments experienced.

There are some moments even more precious.  Just imagine that first kiss, or falling in love; or realizing how much you care about someone; or the soft caring touch of someone that makes your heart race.  A great moment unrivaled is the feeling of hopes and the possibility of making your dreams a reality.

A feeling I will never get enough of, is when I realize that someone took the time and patience to sneak past the walls I built myself to protect my heart from people getting closer; just to realize that they are so embedded in your heart and mind that you will feel empty without them.  Imagine that unexpected hug to sonsole you or just for no apparent reason from someone you trust and respect. Visualize that warm feeling you experience when you see someone’s eyes see deep within you; or when they give you that little smile saying “I am watching you and I like every moment of it”.

And as time ticks by, we experience many obstacles that makes life real difficult.  Some of us sit in traffic for hours, but that is the our daily commute to work.  Road rage and anger fills our minds.  Others writing exams and some even failed (frequently  induced by circumstances), and even to a point by quitting their education and hopes for a better future.  Hearts that fall out of love or take for granted what they have, or the awareness of unreturned love are few of the greatest obstacles we experience in life.

Getting played the fool is one of those moments where you aske yourself why you allowed it to happen.  Never getting an answer. And sometimes wondering why you allowed to happen it more than once. And how about putting your faith and believe in someone, and they intentionally abuse your goodhearted and trusting nature to screw you over?

There are more stubborn bad things too, like fighting (verbal or physical) or the simple fact to neglect to apologize.  One great sin is to feel something and not express it –  many times I made this mistake as I was afraid I will disappoint or scare someone.  I had the story I wanted to tell within me, but I gave it no voice – it was as useful as an unopened book.  An uncontrolled downside to life is death.  We have no control over it, and it always pains to see people go through this.

‘It is life’ they say, there will be the good times and there will be the bad times.  However, we might be the poison of our own good – tainting it to be bad.  What I am talking about is choices.  We have the great power of decisions.  Squinting your eyes and turning away from a sunrise, is your choice – but you never realize it might be the last sunrise you see.  Misunderstandings can break friendships and relationships if it is left unresolved.  Celebrating a fallen angel’s life is not disrespectful, but a sign that that person played a great part in your life.  You will still feel the pain, but you will focus your energy on the awesome moments they have created in your life.

Neglecting to tell someone how you feel, might haunt you for the rest of your life if you never get a chance to tell that person again.  Ignoring the love or passion for someone, is a choice and a simple choice like that can mean the world to someone else and that someone that means the world to you, can brighten up your day with the glow of their good moments in their days.

I have turned my back to many brilliant moments in life, but when life pushed me down, I stayed down.  All I had to do, was to make a choice and to turn around and look at the stars.  That is afterall the place where my inspiration, hopes and dreams reside.  The power is in your hands to try and tip the scales into your overflowing prodigious moments.  We received the capacity to think for ourselves, and a lot of things can turn out differently, depending on how you look at it.


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