An Icy Topic

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Current
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I am an unsophisticated element. Nothing but plain and simple. I am made of two parts of one element and one part of another.

With many years of the cold I experienced, layers upon layers made me impenetrable and I grew from a snowflake to a glacier. My molecules set in its ways – barely moving and closely together with no possibility to penetrate to my core.
A star broke free and dawned from the east. At first, I did not take notice and tried to reflect the rays away from me, but the warmth created started breaking down my barriers. The molecules that made me what I am started vibrating uncontrollably and this created spaces where your energy seeped in – leaving me vulnerable to your powers. I started to change the shape that I was used to.

However, it did not stop there…

You went even deeper and creating more excitement, compelling my particles to move even more vigorously and more energetic, leaving even bigger gaps where you have supremacy overwhelming my routines and comfort zones. Once again, I became a shape shifter where I found myself floating upwards trying to get close to you.

To no avail… You never noticed… you never saw… you never realized. I vaporized in front of your eyes, not because I tried to hide, but because you never knew the powers you have within. I tried to get closer, but you silently moved on to keep the distance as much as possible.

I was ice that liquefied and evaporated into a distant memory – all because of you, shining star we call sun.


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