Mother’s Day Wishes

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Current

Caterpillars metamorphose into beautiful butterflies – something never imagined, yet a basic transition in nature.  As the wings spread open, you cannot ignore the striking and vibrant shapes and colours.

These changes are evident not just in living organisms but in something as simplistic as coal. Coal undergoes a very patient transformation when its put under enormous pressure.  Diamonds are born!

However, just like the human race tends to overlook all the damage we have done to Mother Nature, we find ourselves guilty of being ignorant of our own mothers.  Looking at the examples mentioned above, we overlook the most obvious phenomena in life!

It is Mother’s Day! One day in a year which equates to 0.27% of a whole year!  If you don’t say or show your appreciation, try to spend this fraction of a moment to say ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You’.  This is to all my friends that became mothers, to the mothers of the future, the present and the past, and to my mother as well.

A mother is so much more than what we can imagine – all compressed into one term… MOTHER.  A mother is born before she gave birth to her child.  A mother is born when a decision is made to look after the little soul she carries within her. Two miracles are born, approximately 9 months apart.

A mother is the vessel for the unborn child. A mother is the guardian for the baby when he/she is born – a bodyguard in every term of the word.  She is strong enough to look after you, yet gentle enough to kiss all the pain away.  Her heart pumps strong with pride and love…  for her kids.  Tears down her face when she had to enforce discipline is not a sign of weakness, but the pain she experience in doing so.

A mother is the support beams assisting you to build yourself up from the foundations she has laid down for you. She protects you until the end.  She will assist you to become an unshakable solid structure that can handle life’s turmoil.  A mother is the candle that will provide you with light and warmth when days seems cold and dark – days when you feel all alone.

Being a mother is a 24/7 job!  And mothers keep on doing it without complaining.  Why? Because they love you! A mother sustain and handles all life’s pressure for herself and each and every child of her!

A mother is as strong and beautiful as a diamond, yet as delicate and breathtaking as a butterfly!  Mothers are irreplaceable! Treat them as such!  Show them you care! Show them you love them!  A mother does not spend one day a year for her kids, so spend a little bit more effort to let them know!  Thank you for your support and your guidance.  Thank you for you unconditional love and understanding.  Thank you for everything!  Thank you for being you.

A mother’s energy does not squanders when she passes on.  It lives within her children.  She is a star when she walked this earth, and she will become a bright shining star watching over you; guiding you.  She will be part of you until the end of time. Energy cannot be destroyed; sometimes it just changes form, but it will always be there!

Hear me now… I wish to say thank you to all the mothers I know! I wish you a happy Mother’s Day!  Here is to you all! With a lot of love! With the world’s respect!

Thank you! I Love You!


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