A Wish To The Calypso Moon

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Current

My travels brought me to a concrete jungle. And in this jungle I did not find an adventure, but so much more than what I expected. It is a hard and freezing, bitter cold place and pitch-black darkness that accompany you.

I survive.  Nevertheless, by luck, I looked at the horizon and saw something miraculous. Slowly, very slowly, something beautiful emerges over the horizon. Impatiently, I watch at the blossom of the universe.  An untainted, mystical pearl beautify the skies above!

The darkness fades and the silhouettes of the unknown hides from your magnitude. Suddenly I don’t feel so alone any more; the cold does not perturb me any more. It feels like time is standing still as you gracefully dance across the heavens.

But time is not standing still, and before I know it, you are nearing the opposite horizon and I realize that I am about to witness the inevitable. I struggle to find the right words, yet there is so much I want to say.   At the end, I find myself wishing this pearl the safest journey, accompanied by the symphonies of good fortune and happiness, love and laughter, and angels of love to highlight the voyage.

Darkness sneaks back and covers everything as your disappear.  I feel even colder and more alone than before as I now wish that maybe one day, you will rise again.


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