So Fragile, Yet So Powerful

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Current
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There is an English proverb dating back so far back, that even the origin is unknown. It reads as follows:  “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. Even with some stubborn attempts, I find myself incapable to argue these wise words.

Just as the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, I believe that a selected few have a hidden power within their eyes.  In my experience, a few people have the ability to look into my eyes and shatter the windows and crumble my walls surrounding me.

I will admit that I have built a stronghold around my inner core to protect myself – imprisoned, but safe. I battle to allow people to come close to me – maybe because of mistrust in a person; bad experiences, disappointments or that I find myself mentally too drained to put up with the pain someone can create in ones life; just to name a few reasons.  Some have tried, and they saw a bitter, cold and dark place within, and they kept their distance.

Though, more than once… more than what I would like to confess, I find myself caught off-guard.  Then I realize that windows are merely a fragile material within these same walls – a weakness in the structure. I looked into their eyes and before I could see what lies within, they pierced and penetrated my soul.  I tried to retreat and regroup, but I failed.

At that moment of realization, I do not find myself in shock or drowning in fear, but warm waves of serenity washes over me – as calm and peaceful as the clear open skies. And just as many of us ‘wish upon a shooting’, hope and excitement grows strong and a moment of relief light up the skies like a beautiful full moon.  I am not a prisoner of my own doing anymore! At this moment, the tranquillity overwhelms reality, and I soak up the noble aura as it presents itself.  Freedom!

Suddenly the shards of glass crashes onto the floor, and that moment of freedom dissipates into the thin air. I feel naked and vulnerable.  My soul exposed to your eyes and I try to cover myself.   My castle has been compromised!  I close my eyes, and start rebuilding, this time stronger and better than before.


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