Inspired by The Sensations of Being Alive

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Current
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Subdued mist blanket covers the water.  The big amber moon slowly peeking over the horizon… pushing the haziness one side and highlighting a magical beam dancing on the water ripples – crystal clear… … …

For a while, I have lost the inspiration to write, and suddenly someone asked what inspires me to write.  It got my mind thinking, and I cannot get it out of my head… It stuck to me in such a way, this unanswered questioned lingered that, by itself inspired me to write.  What inspires me to write? I write with my heart, and not my head, so I suppose you could say that emotions inspire me.

Dark clouds roll in from the horizon and a blanket of darkness covers everything. The thunder overpowers the sweet song of powerful words like ‘I care about you’ or ‘I love you’.  Fear creeps in. This blanket of sadness feeds from the intense sadness when I lose love, or when I am disappointed.

As the heavens open up and the rain crashes down, I know that I will probably catch a cold, but the sensation of the raindrops falling on my head, made me realize that I will not feel so lost, if the fallen angels in my life was not important to me.

However, in the rollercoaster of life, you know for certain, there will always be difficulties.  After the rains, the heavens will clear, the skies will open up and there is where I see the scattered diamonds in the sky’s canvass.  My lungs are filled to their capacity with the smell of the air just after the rains… and it smell clean and untainted!

While admiring the millions of stars, I see a shooting star racing across and it ignites a new feeling of refreshed hope and believes.  Just as unpredicatable as a shooting star, is the miracle called love.  Love for the keeper of my heart, or good friends and family (including pets), is one of my great inspirations to write.  I believe that love should be a way of life, and not just limited to words, but sometimes words are just that little something extra that one need.

After night, a new day breaks.  Over and above the beauty that accompanies a sunrise, is the warm sensation of the sun on your skin. You don’t have to see it, but you can feel the sensation.  And that is what my friends are to me.  I don’t have to see them to know they are there, I just know that they are always there.  And take it from me… the more you soak in the rays of those special friends you have, the warmer you will feel.  Your heart will grow stronger and blossom to the unimaginable treasure chest.

Love found and love lost inspires me to mould the thoughts into text;  friends amd the great miracles of the universe captivates my mind and it falls onto this canvass.   The things and the people close to my heart, are the ones that captivates my mind with what my heart experience.

Food for thought… if it was not for the darkness, the stars won’t be so bright! We would never have been able to differentiate between them.  Cherish every moment in life


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