Blinding Journey Of Regret

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Current
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The journey started in an instant and from that moment on the acceleration was astronomical.  Moments thrusting away at such a fast pace that I kept my eyes closed.

Slowly I open my eyes, and I find myself that the gravity that kept my grounded, is merely a faint memory, and that the moments that bulleted by, are precious things I have missed in my life and the precious moments I have lost forever. I feel lost.

I find myself whispering your name; later on shouting out your name, but I get no response.  Words from the heart suddenly seems empty and without any purpose.  Everything I want to tell you just evaporates!

As I have not reached your ears, I offer you blossoming red and white roses. Pure and innocent as the reason I offer it to you, but the darkness hide their beauty from your eyes.   You do not take it, and I see the blossoms wilting in my hand.

I stretch out to my maximum and reach out to you, but it feels our worlds are too far apart.  Your presence is so strong, but I cannot feel you.   Your toxicating energy is like an inexplicable nebula.

I have created massive universes filled with a vacuums and darkness.  I am prevented to continue my journey.  I am running on fumes.  I am confronted with my own demons… wishing wells of past, present and future.  Nonetheless, in this darkness where I am unnoticed to you, I admire your beauty from a distance.  Your caring heart cover the surface like soft Cirrus blankets.  Your love as powerful and important as lifegiving water.  Such a beautiful sight, but so unappreciated!

May others that undertake the same journey as me, not close their eyes but appreciate the journey, and not fix their focus only on the destination.


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