Farewell Year Twenty-Twelve

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Current
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2012 draws closer to its final moments, and this is normally where I reflect to the past year’s events. It was an eventful year for me. During this year I have resigned and started with a new employer; some people very close to me made contact again after a few years, and I closed a chapter on one of them in the same year (some closure on some things that bugged me in the past); lost very valuable information – all to name but a few.

Most people wake up to the ripping sounds of tearing gift-wrap off gifts. You hear the laughter of children, and smell the special cuisine prepared for this day. What is the greatest gift you received?

This year, like every other year, was filled with many gains and many losses – some by choice, and some as a part of life. Many times in the past, I have pushed people away – and to my regret, as it was some of the greatest people I have ever known. This year I have tried to change that, but too little too late I suppose. Nevertheless, the gift is the memories I have shared with them. One of the greatest gifts is to celebrate the life of the fallen angels of this year. A good friend to many; inspiring to all and just a blessing in any aspect of life, started a new journey. I find myself constantly going to her blogging page or browsing through her photos.
It seems surreal and I miss her – like many others. She was one of the greatest gifts we had and the memories will be with us forever.

But my biggest gain this year was receiving a gift that keeps on giving. It is the people that sneaked into my heart. I have realised that some friends means a lot to me than what they will ever know. They are the love that pumps through my veins. They are my hope and my pillar of support. With some, I have a deeper connection than most people will ever experience in their lives. I am at ease to say how I feel so I am not ashamed to admit to these things.

May I return this energy in 2013 to show how much I appreciate them.



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