Victim to Unappreciated Freedom

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Current
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What does freedom or imprisonment mean to you?  Many will just say that imprisonment is being ‘behind bars’.  Other will say the difference between freedom and imprisonment depends on which side of the bars you are.

In my opinion, freedom is when you don’t take the great things in your life for granted and when you appreciate every moment in your life.  Freedom is not holding back in life and is about hope – about freeing you heart and express your feelings towards friends and family. Freedom is all about being true to yourself and about having choices. Sovereignty is living out your dream, as your dreams.

However, many times our freedom fall victim to our choices.  Having the ability to choose, is the ultimate freedom, but with that comes responsibilities – because of this powerful nature of freedom. When you lose your freedom, you find yourself in confinement and restraints.

Something within me was caged like a ruthless animal with some of the choices I have made in the past.  I am a prisoner to regrets, faded hope and dreams. My regrets became my warden – filling the future with uncertainty. I know with certainty, that there are many like myself that sit with the same problem.

I write this with the hope that whoever read this, will not make the same mistake.  It is easy to become a prisoner, but it is difficult to regain your freedom and freedom, my friends, are more fragile than you could imagine.  Enjoy every moment of whatever freedom you have and cherish it.  Since the beginning of life, we were given the power to choose – the ultimate freedom.  It is by your choices, that decides whether you keep your freedom or become a prisoner by your own hand.


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