Life As An Art Form

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Current
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I want to dedicate this to a friend that doubt their capabilities and themselves, and in doing so, keeping a blind eye to the truth.

We are all artists in our own way.  An artist’s worth is all about his or her unique presentation of their views or imagination to others via sculptures, paintings or even words in the form of song or poetry.

Life can be defined as follows:

–          The blank canvas for a painter

–          The raw materials for a sculptor

–          The clay for a potter

–          The blank page for a poet or songwriter.

All are so different, yet one aspect is undeniably the common denominator for their masterpieces.  All this starts from the ordinary, but their art is sculpted and shaped by their imagination and their hands.

Pour your heart into your canvass and let the silhouettes of your memories; your love and passion and your sweat and tears create your work of genius.  Cup the clay in your hand and shape and mold your future and your legacy.

No-one is the artist of your work, but yourself.  Do not look at your canvass or clay and think someone else can design it for you.  YOU are the one that will create the priceless pieces, but don’t be afraid to use brush strokes over the same area twice, until you are happy with it.  It is after all those unnoticed ‘let’s call it flaws’ that gives a painting its dimensions and depth of character.

At the end, what you see as a flaw, is in fact the small things admirers see and envy about your work.  Be as much as you can be, and be empowered with the talents you have.  Your artwork is perfect and will always be perfect.  See the end result for the art it is… unique, priceless and special.  NEVER will there be a duplicate of any kind.


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