My Wish For Your…

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Current

There are many theories about wishes, but a wish can simplistically be defined as a kind of hope or desire for something. May this medium bridge time and space and carry my wish for you to you:

My wish for you is that a gentle breeze brushes through your hair and whisper in your ear:
How much I care about you; how much I respect you; how much I love you; and how much I miss you.
My wish for you is that you will be protected from pain and heartache.
My wish is that kindness and love will fill your thoughts when you feel alone.
I wish that you will feel the power of true love and that the magnitude of it, can and will supersede and overwhelm all the negative energies

My wish for you is that rays of sunlight caress your heart with:

  • The feeling of safety and security
  • A fire of passion within
  • A burning desire to succeed
  • The warmth love and happiness creates

My wish for you is that the oceans carry you on your expedition to find yourself, and the magic you bring to this world. May every moment be kind to your heart and gentle on your soul. May the waves wash away the pain, and the rejuvenate your hopes and dreams.

I wish upon a star for a meteor shower of these elements to cover you and remind you every step of the way that you will never be travelling by yourself.


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