Sleepless Serenade for Some Sanctity

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Current
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Like an orchestra has many instruments performing one symphony, so does our lives have an orchestra of its own – with many instruments and notes, each one playing a great part in our lives.

A ballad during the day, fades into a gentle melody at night when you close your eyes – it didn’t stop, it merely whispers the song.  This orchestra never stops; its masterpiece never sleeps.

Love is this orchestra and love can be found in many different forms.  Different relationships create different types of love – but the basics of love stay the same… Ever thought that maybe things like fear, care and hurt forms a part of love?

Love cannot and should not be attempted to be controlled.  Love is like a fire: flames whirling uncontrollably; creating its unique dance.  But like dancing, you need to practice to perfect the art.  Love is about working hard at it and playing hard with it – and at the end you will reap the benefits (still unmatched by any material thing on earth).  Build it is strong as you possibly can as love can be a bridge over time and space.

The Native American Indians have a saying that you have the spirits of two wolves within yourself: One is “Love” and one is “Hate”.  The dominating wolf will be the one you feed the most.

I know pain is carving at my heart, where I might find myself one day, with nothing left to offer.  However, I will keep my heart susceptible to the musical chants of love.


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