The Piercing Icicle

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Current
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An icicle is a cold, hard spike, different to a rock in that it is transparent.  In life, we all have to face an iceberg sooner or later.  We experience a multitude of emotions – some good; some not so good.  With this, we prioritize certain emotions and feelings according to what works for us.  Yet, sometimes, we ignore the inevitable and that is the thing called “Truth”.  Truth is our iced stalactite in our journey in life.

Truth comes in many forms: it can be in the form of speech, behaviour, emotions or our innocence.  Few understand the weight that truth carries in the lives of others.  Some avoid truth to avoid hurting people in their lives.  There are many theories about truth, but one thing is for certain: truth shouldn’t be tainted.  It can only be transparent.  Be willing to accept truth… even if it is a bitter pill to swallow at times.  The “naked truth” is an amazingly good saying as truth shouldn’t be covered.

Today, I have experienced a truth I was not ready for as I have not experienced it for a long time.  With a single touch, I felt a truth in the form of a sweet kind of innocence that was covered in pain that someone is currently experiencing; a pain that many of us experienced more than once in our lives.

Is touch a medium to transfer pain to make it more bearable for another?  Unconditional love and pure friendship is a truth in its own form.  Carry it around and share it.

To be continued…


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