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Posted: June 7, 2012 in Current
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There are many forms of communication, but communication can simply be defined as the action of transmitting or the exchange of information. That is the unsophisticated definition of it, yet it is greater than most of us realise. Communication is a vital part of any living creature’s existence. Even in business is good communication of utmost importance: Negotiations to transact for a typical Demand and Supply business partnership.

For thousands of years, people found ways to communicate, whether it was the people in Ancient China. the Greeks or the Indians with smoke signals, or Morse code via telegraph. Going back to a few million years ago, we can look at the animal kingdom and their survival, which is still clear today with the likes of the songs of the Humpback Whale – a song that can call the group together for festivities for the hunt, or use a song to use as sonar to navigate itself. This all is the basic principles of communication. Even in our technologically advanced era, our gadgets and gizmos still rely on a two-way communication stream of ones and zeros to make any system work. It is evident that no matter how much we evolve, but communication, and the importance thereof, can’t be undermined or underestimated.

How do you tell someone: “I love you”, “I miss you”, “I respect and appreciate you” or even “I forgive you”? There are over 6500 spoken languages in the world and this statistic excludes sign language and even body language, yet we cannot express simple things like these! When last did you make an effort to say “Thank you” to someone who made a great impact in your life? Ever wondered what how much a few words can mean to someone?

In the past, I avoided this thing called “communication” as I feared the outcome. I waited too long. I obstructed a healthy channel of communication. The lack of communication was my downfall with multiple relationships and friendships. My life stagnated at a place where I did not find myself happy.I was in luck! A handful of people did not stop trying. They were persistent, and they penetrated my heart. They integrated with my soul. They kept on ramming, slowly crushing the walls around me. They opened my eyes and I could see what I pushed away and what I was missing out on. My heart became susceptible to correspond on a deeper level. I opened up to the people close to me; I started to speak my mind. This transition jaded a few friendships as people wasn’t sure how to handle the “unmasked” me.

Love is the seedling for many things: respect, caring and forgiveness, but to name a few. According to many, love is a universal language, but are we too scared to carry that message across? Are we placing a censorship on our true feelings and deepest emotions, because we fear rejection, or are we not conversing our feelings because we think it makes us weak and are judged as weaklings?

My heart is the communication device that guides me. It is constantly conversing with my mind and my soul. The message… to love unconditionally; to care so deeply for someone; to support someone when in need and to be by someone’s side when they need someone to lean on.

My eyes capture your beauty, while your smell intoxicates my lungs with sweet aromas, and your gentle touch stroke my heart to skip a beat or two, while your presence infuse optimism. This dialogue of admiration, support, care and all those unnoticed things we always take for granted, are all dialects of the unspoken language.

How do you say “I miss you”…
How do you say “I care about you”…
How do you say “Thank you”…
How do you say “I love you”…
How do you ask “Forgive me”…

We always say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, yet we are not bothers to focus on the contents.  We rather focus on the outside, assuming we will know what all the content entails.  A title of a book, cannot tell a story; the tone of someone’s voice cannot carry a message across. Stop wasting energy in judging people.  use that energy to read the story page by page, chapter by chapter.

Truth must be our voice; sincerity must be our body language and the message… pure. Whether you say “I care deeply for you”, “I love you” or “I miss you”, it must be the precious mineral you mined from your deepest. Use everything to your disposal. Make the special people in your life aware of your feelings, and use your mother tongue, your body, you heart and your actions to ensure there is no misunderstanding. “Walk the talk!” as the saying goes. Do not lose out in life!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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