As Darkness Falls…

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Current
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A blanket of shadows is drawn over the landscape.  Vibrant colours fade into different shades of grey.  Uncertainty sets in and fear becomes king.  The very basic sense of visual stimulation is limited to the bare minimum.

Some of us lose hope and our hearts turns cold and I still find myself guilty of this many times.

At night, blossoms close, not to hide the beauty but protect it from the cold, but it does not mean the exquisiteness does not exist.  Just as nightfall obscures some splendour, it also reveals other miracles.

My life, emotions and feelings are all very similar to seasons, nature and the progression from day to night to day again. In everything you encounter, you can experience the miracles of everyday life. As a gloomy presence covered my heart with sad emotions and heartache, I looked at one place where I know I can find some peace when darkness hides all else from me.

I looked up into the starry skies.  Endless space of darkness, but the sparkling eruptions of colour that covers it creates this amazing canvas.  My heart filled with pain, pumping tears through my soul, was portrayed with three shooting stars I saw when I looked at the tinkering heavens.  I burning urge of hope brews, but realization settled in like obstructing thunderclouds.

Love, as great as it is, and as much as it can hurt, and the depth thereof, is just like our heavens… no-one can ever realize what it all contains or the volume of it – suns, stars, planets and a lot to explore and discover.  Some of us will have the privilege to reach the stars, and some of us, will assist others to reach theirs by guiding them safely through scattered rocks.

Albeit my blessing or my curse, love is my stronghold and my dungeon in life.  The intensity is of such great magnitude that most will avoid it as they will not harness the power of it.  Unreturned love cuts deep, but this single emotion is my celestial navigation for who I am.


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