Solitude – Your Demon or Your Guardian

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Current
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Most of us fall prey to the comfort zone of routines. Routines have its pros and cons; it all depends where they are implemented.

Things like exercises, practice sessions and business procedures enhances performance. Routines have its place in the corporate environments.  Routines are labelled as boring repetitions of procedures or actions.  A good sleeping habit, regular exercise and healthy eating habits are good customs to have. But all of us make ourselves guilty of some bad habits during our lifetime too, and many times we spend a lot of time to rectify this.

But what if some of your daily routines blind you to your surroundings, where you forget to notice things?  During my travels this weekend, I was pretty much made aware of this fact.  When you find yourself alone, with time to think, is your solitude your friend or foe?

I am of the believe that seclusion is a double-edged sword as it can cut both ways – good or bad.  When I find myself in a situation where I can concentrate on my thoughts, and not on the everyday struggles in life, I reflect on the things that make me the happiest – and sometimes hurt the most.  Maybe one day I reflect on love, or the loss thereof and the next time about what inspiration nature can be.  However, no matter what I find myself thinking of, it is something that is always close to my heart.

I have realised that some friendships are not meant to last, whilst others will withstand everything life can throw at it, and still survive and even flourish at times.  This is the same with relationships – whether it is a loved one lost, or a hidden affection you keep secret as you believe it is the best for that person, or the open outburst of pure love to the one close to you.

In the few days of isolation, I truly experienced what love means to me and what power it has in my life, but at the same time it brushed over the scar tissue left on my heart.  Would I cut love out because it hurts so badly?  I doubt I will.  I wish I could, but then I would’ve lost out on the greatest gift in life! But having that said, it doesn’t make it any easier.  I have had the privilege to love some of the greatest people that I could ever wish for.

With all things, you experience the good and the bad and remember the higher you fly the harder you fall.  Just make an effort to stand up again.  Love with your whole heart as someone else’s happiness, whether because of your love towards them are accepted, or because your love is so strong that you will provide it undetected from a distance, is one of the greatest rewards in life.

Believe me when I say it is not always easy, but there are always obstacles in the road, it is how you cross them and how you reach your destination that matters.  Make the best out of the one chance in life you have.  Live every day without regrets.  Allow love to fill your heart.  Provide a vessel of respect and support to the ones close to you.

When you enjoy the ‘me’-time, and you experience the positive, enjoy and cherish it.  If it is not the case, don’t avoid thinking of it, maybe it will help the healing process, or your eyes will open to alternatives.

Take a moment to redirect your thoughts to what is important to you. Sometimes, it is where you realize that you have to steer your vessel in a different direction to reach your goals.

I have love, and lost; I am happy even with all the pain involved, and it is worth it.  I still have the friends that is close to my heart, I still cherish and love the ones that found that special place in my heart.  I still miss ‘that special someone’, but I am taking baby steps.


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