Lost Angels of True Friendship

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Current

During the last few weeks, I have reunited with some of my old friends.  Some friends I never thought I will ever see again; others I thought I will see only much later in my life.  It was a revelation to join up with some of them.

I met up with a friend that carry his heart on his sleeve; his heart being 90% of his whole body.  I have seen the growth in him – from party animal to a model family man.  He always had a good heart, but seeing him caring so deeply for his family, I realised how pure his heart really is.  He has taught me many things in our ‘party’ days of which he will not even realise.  Even now, being a family man, and only one visit, and I am still learning from him.  He has found faith again, no matter what life throws at him, and I truly admire him for what he has accomplished; for what he will achieve in his life!  This friend will reach the top – without sacrificing anyone close to him.

Then, I then met up with a friend that really knew how to keep my chin up in difficult times.  She always had this niche to stimulate the mind with things she says, or questions she asks.  This made me aware of how much I treasure her opinions.  I have given her things to read that very few others ever saw, or ever will.  And as I think that I cannot be more stunned, she gave me feedback that I have never expected.  As we spoke, she told me that she read pieces that I wrote, but did not rush through it, but related to it.  She could feel and experience the emotions I have put in it.  It was such a big compliment to hear that!  My heart sat in my throat when such an amazing and talented person told me this.

As we were talking about memories of the past, we looked up to the skies and we both experienced a feeling of hope.  She then mentioned that there is still a chapter of closure that is missing in my life (and in hers) that still needs to be written and that she still believes that it will happen in good time.  We were talking about lost angels floating amongst the evil of this world and said that our paths will cross again.

She believes that a selected few connect on a different level than others, just as if multiple energies collide and create the magnificent lightning strikes to earth.  You cannot explain it.  You cannot plan it.  You cannot predict it.  She described us as “Old souls in a young body”.  Our past life experiences and believing in the good of people (sometimes to our own downfall), still steering our believes, hopes and dreams.

I don’t know if it was telepathic energy that connects her to me and another friend, but as it turned out, that same night after this get-together, I got in touch with someone that truly inspired me to put a more positive energy to paper.  This person made me see life in a very different perspective.

I have been accused of running away from our friendship, yet I think it is not factual.  I think that I have pushed her away, because I saw how vulnerable I was when I removed my defences.  I created distance, as I did not want to disappoint her.  I faded into the shadows as I hoped that it would hide my exposed heart.

I have started the missing chapter.  Maybe it will erase all the questions I had.  I found some answers to questions I had.  Very few will ever know the real me, but there are a handful that will see me without my mask.  To the ones close to me, you will see me for who I am.  You will experience the electrifying waves of my passion and respect for you.  I am here to stay.


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