Supreme Power Of Love

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Current
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The cerulean crystals reflect the intense energy that originates from the magnificent vessel.  I am drawn, like a moth to a flame, to look deep within where I experience a harmonious serenity; my core wildly and inexplicably enchanted beyond boundaries.

Your whispering breeze is as sweet as honey, rustling the leaves that awake butterflies. It intoxicates me completely. My feet unknowingly tap to the rhythmic song of your heartbeat.

Your touch is as gentle and silent as snowflakes. As your skin embraces mine, time stand still, dreams overpower reality; peace and hope settles in.


Such a sophisticated creature carries enormous strength.  The sparklers cut through my defences.  Your tender presence demolishes my barriers instantaneously.  Yet, I feel safe; I feel comfortable; I feel home.

You are, not where I put you, but where you belong.  A diamond’s worth is about the inside and outside characteristics. You are the most precious gemstone that could only be described as a flawless miracle.


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