Gifts of the heart

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Current

The New Year has dawned upon us.  Lots have made New Year’s resolutions, but only a few will accomplish their goals.  However, what some don’t realize is that to reach a goal, you need to aim for it. As with anything in life, you will have a few misses, and it takes practice to hit the bull’s-eye.  This year I am going to practice until I accomplish my goals.

During each year, we have days set aside to celebrate, birth, and love, religious events, political events, and so forth, yet all the celebrations shouldn’t be limited to one day of a year and the focus shouldn’t be about receiving gifts of monetary value.

I am talking about something recession can’t take for us, or the end of the month where we can’t afford a gift as we waiting for payday.  I am talking about something that only cost sincerity (a power we all possess), and yet it won’t break the bank.  Too good to be true?  I would almost agree with it, yet, our Creator gave us the powers within ourselves – we just need to harvest them.

We have been given the power, yet we do not accumulate its supremacy.  A farmer doesn’t sow, if he doesn’t plan to reap the harvest, nor does anyone invest into something where one does not receive dividends.

We all have been blessed with countless miracles since birth, yet we keep ourselves blind to this.  Stop focussing on the negative and open doors to allow the positive to soak your soul.  It is all worth it!

Won’t it be awesome if you can present a gift to your family, friends, loved ones or even a stranger on a daily basis?  It is possible, with very little effort.  My target this year is to give gifts that ‘keeps on giving’.  With every opportunity that presents itself to me, I will make the most of it.

I aim to give love – unconditional love – from within the deepest hollows of my heart. Love will leave my lips as a melody, and my actions will dance to its melody. I will do everything within my limits to create a garden of hope and trust to my fellow souls, where serenity will rinse off the negativity of the day’s events and forgiveness will blossom.

In return I will experience the magnificent – the smiles and laughter of friends and loved ones.  I will fatten myself with the memories with everyone in my life.  It is time to make every day a day to celebrate.


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