The Birth Of A New Journey

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Current
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Years have come and years have passed, and during these years, memories embedded itself into our existence.  Some memories were obstacles that forced us onto all fours where we had to crawl before we had the energy to get up and walk again; other memories gave us wings where we could fly and nothing could get us down.

As time closes in, I find myself on a suspension bridge between one mainland and another.  Beneath me, waters of uncertainty rage nonstop. When I look behind me, I see what I will leave behind.  Good memories and blood, sweat and tears to accomplish what I have become. In front of me – I find a new venture; uncertain yet exciting.

I am readying myself to close a chapter in my life – but not before I reflect on the road I have taken.  I have started a journey a few years back.  This journey was difficult and a hard road to travel, but I have realised a few things during this voyage.  People come and go; love found and lost again. Time lost, yet experience multiplied.  During these past few years, I have lost a lot, yet gained just as much.  That is how my journey winds over mountains and through valleys.

I have not blogged about many things over the past few years, as I was not inspired to do so.  Or because of the personal nature that will definitely reveal a person’s identity that inspired me to write the piece, or purely because I have not been ready to admit to some mistakes I have made.

The past few years I have learned a lot about the human race and myself and I will but mention a few examples as we go along.

I have realised how self-centred people are.  Looking at the unsuccessful sitting of COP17.  All the powerhouses are too worried about filling their pockets and the commercial value than to look at the bigger picture – a cleaner environment for our kids.  The same with the poachers that kill innocent rhinoceroses for their horns for a silly unfounded superstition while the rhinos have survived for millions of years before we got hold of them.  This year (2011) alone, over 430 rhinos were killed.  That equates to one in less than 22 hours every single day.

How many children know what Christmas is all about?  To children it is about a Santa Clause and gifts, to retailers it is about filling their pockets, and for the handful that is pure of heart, it is the celebration of the birth of Christ – with a gift of giving.  If you celebrate Christmas for the right reasons, you will know that Christmas is about love and forgiveness, caring of each other and sharing joy and laughter.

In short, the human race is supposed to be the superior race, but we cannot accomplish the most simplistic of things – to live in harmony of each other.

Over the years, I grew fond of someone and I can even say fell in love, but as they got close to me, I fell exposed and pushed them away.  After the damage was done, I have realised what I have done.  I really worked hard to allow people to get close to me and not to push the important people out of my life.

Not all was bad though.  The journey took its toll but I can say with ease that it had it fun times too.  I have written a book, even though the person will never realize what it took to write that book and appreciate it for the passion I put into it, it was fun to publish it.  I have adjusted my outlook on life as it is evident in this new blog.  I do not hammer on the negative only, but I praise the positives too.

As I turn my head to face the future, I know that the problems will not disappear, but I need to focus on what is ahead of me – maybe I can make a difference on a small scale.  I want to make a big difference to the people that is in my life though.

An expedition is about experiencing the unexpected; the unexplored.  You can steer and direct to your final destination, but you cannot control the environment.  Sometimes you push your way through a narrow overgrown hiking trail and you pick up a few bumps and bruises, but the injuries heal – sometimes leaving scar tissue – reminding you that you have accomplished something – overcoming an obstacle that others have tried to bypass or stopped them in their tracks.

Looking back, I have realized that I am transforming at a steady pace.  My ideals are growing stronger; my passion grows intense.  I am pulling the people I love closer and closer and eventually they will be exposed to the fragile heart and soul that I have kept behind walls for all these years.  I know with this metamorphosis I will lose a few friends, but at the same time, some relationships will grow much stronger.

I have been blessed with friends that is closer to me than most people’ families are to them.  These friends have been there for me to pick me up when I stumbled, fell, and found it too hard to get back to my feet.  During me journey I will ensure that I constantly say thank you.  Words are not as powerful as actions but I will constantly prove to them what they mean to me.  A selected handful means the world to me – people that I will not imagine my life without.  To those friends I just want to say that I truly love you, even if I do not say it often.

A suspension bridge has simplistic components like pylons, suspension cables and the decks, yet it makes it possible for a person to reach the other side safely.  This new journey I will need my family as the pylons and my close friends as the suspension cable.  The decks form with each step I take and each experience that will make me stronger.  With their assistance, I will end one journey, and take on a new one.

Just like the basic construction of a suspension bridge, I am going to keep my expedition simplistic and without complications.  This way it will give me the opportunity to open my eyes and admire the scenery.

  1. DVE says:

    Really inspiring !! Makes one realise that in life every feeling , moment , everything that meant something should be wriTten down ! Every moment that goes by should atleast be shared with 1 person ! And I’m glad I came upon urs so that I now can create my own !! Thx for inspiring me to do so !


  2. Warl0c says:

    I agree with everything, except 1 aspect, i believe words can be as powerful if not more so then actions, the old saying “Actions speak louder then words” has never been something i have agreed with, a simple “Thank you” or “Job well done” can mean a lot more to some. I’m glad in general that life is taking a more positive turn for you, and that you are focusing more on the positive aspects and people in your life. You are an amazing person and world deserves to know the real you, the kind, caring, loving person you are, facades have their uses at times, but for the most part ones true colours need to shine through 🙂


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