Rhythmic Rose of Realization

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Current

Inspiration to a soul is like water to a living organism. A few days ago, I went to visit friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and we had laughs about the past. It made me wonder how a person can change over years; and what the reasons are for changing. I have noticed that even my point of view on life and everything in it changed too; and for the better I might add.

The rose flower looks soft and mysterious, yet the thorns look aggressive and defensive. I have focussed all my life to use the ‘thorns’ to protect my heart. I was all wrong.
The colours of a rose can signify different emotions and characteristics. As I did some research on roses on Wikipedia, I have realised that one’s heart and a rose is very similar. A white rose, or otherwise known as the flower of moonlight, symbolizes virginity and innocence. The orange roses primarily signify passionate romance, burning desire and enthusiasm; whilst the peach rose is for appreciation, sincerity, gratitude and friendship. The red rose, as we all know, is metaphoric for love, passion and romance.

The black rose represents tragic love and death, but even devotion and strength. The purple rose signifies enchantment, love at first sight or parental love. The yellow rose conveys platonic friendship and joy, yet in certain cultures can utter jealousy too. The pink coloured roses express sweetness, elegance and grace.

One’s heart is the habitat of innocence, passion and romance, enthusiasm and sincerity, gratitude and friendship, devotion and joy, grace and enchantment – all captured into one, all expressed with a rose.
I have hidden my heart from everyone as soon as someone got close. I have sharpened the thorns to protect myself. Now, many years later, I have come to realise that a rose does not have thorns on the stem; it has prickles to assist a rose to hang onto something.
A rose generally have 5 sepals (small green pointed leaves) just below the flower. The five sepals in my life are: family, friends, passion, faith and nature. Each one of these carries my heart and keeps my hopes high for every step forward. The structure of a rose was designed to survive and flourish, even though it looks very petit and fragile.

A pessimistic, even negative way of looking at things can stagnate your potential and growth. A positive approach is the nutrients needed to become a rose that has grown to a height of 7 meters! Yes. It is possible for some rose species to grow that high. Take your heart, look after it and share it with the ones that will appreciate its beauty. Let your heart brighten up someone’s day. Let its fragrance rejuvenate their emotions with hope.
The beauty of a rose is only visible if you don’t hide it in a dark corner. Let the sunrays reflect off your precious rose. Let it be seen and appreciated.

Let it work its magic.


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