Vote L.I.F.E.

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Current

They say ‘Change is good’, but I think there is a lot more to that unsophisticated statement.

Recently South Africa had its local elections and there was a drastic change in the election campaigns of each political party involved.  In the past, promises for better living was made to win votes.  In the past, the focus was on what the elected parties can do for its voters.  This year – to my shock – the focus was on bickering between the parties on who was (or was not) responsible for the past accomplishments and lack thereof, and who can dance better.

In the past, parties fought for their piece of the pie, by focussing their energy on the solutions; focussing their funds for empowering and bettering the lives of those who put them in power, not filling their own bank accounts.  They were congested by the squabbling between each other. As I saw this, I asked my friends on what they would vote for.  As I expected, what was important for the man on the street, was not discussed or the core of the political parties’ focus.

An election campaign should be like foreplay.  And friends, foreplay lasts a lot longer than just taking clothes off!  Foreplay is something that should happen frequently, on a daily basis, even if you don’t know whether you are going to get lucky that night or week.  Foreplay is not just physical, it is emotional too.  While physical can be a short term activity, emotional is a long term commitment.

I say ‘Vote L.I.F.E.!’

Ward L:  Learn to listen to your environment. Listen to your companion and the people around you. By listening to others, you will gain knowledge and what they need and how you can be a pillar of strength for the ones you love.  The wise always said that laughter is the best medicine, so share a laugh between each other.  And then… when it is quiet when you close your eyes, just think how lucky you are to have these miracles in your life.

Love unconditionally and with no pretence.  Let the ones around you know how much you love them by word of mouth and by your actions.  Love selfishly and reap the benefits.  Love and feel the energy that will fill you with magic.  Love conquers all after all.

The Lucky Ones: Listen; Learn; Laugh and Love.

Ward I:  Take your God-given talent and let it not go to waste.  I am talking about your intelligence! You have a natural supercomputer!  One that current and futuristic technology can’t even imagine to match the power thereof.  Make it work for you!  Do not hide those talents but invest your intelligence to give you the maximum dividends in whatever you take on.

Improve your life with your ideals and inspirations.  If someone inspires you, let them know.  If someone don’t agree with your ideas, accept their opinion and be willing to listen, but you are the one important in your life.  This blog was originally just a scapegoat for me, but the positives were inspired but friends and family that I love and adore.  The inspiration made me grow a more positive outlook on life.

Intelligence.  Ideals.  Inspiration.  Improvements.

Ward F:  Friends and family inspired me to improve this weblog as I go along. I have been blogging since 2001, but the positivity only blossomed through recently.  And I hope to continue with it.

Family and friends play a big part in my growth to whom I will become in the future.  Some can be seen as a rudder of a ship;  you barely see it, but it assist you in steering.  It helps you change direction when you need to avoid obstacles in shallow or dark waters.  Even though the last two years were a real roller-coaster, I did have fun times.  I have good memories that I will not exchange.  I will treasure these memories deep inside me and constantly remind myself that things can happen when you least expect it.

These times are far and few between, but we are responsible to awaken those times.  That is not for someone else to control. We have that power!  We have the freedom of choice, and we need to start making these choices to put smiles on our faces and on the faces we love.  Freedom is a big responsibility, but it is a great gift we received from when the first human being beings were placed on this earth.

But even when life was a lot easier, did we make errors.  What happened?  We were given something miraculous… Forgiveness!  We all know we are not perfect.  We all make errors on a daily basis, so believe that forgiveness will come your way.  More importantly, forgive others.  Have the courage to say “I forgive you” or even “please forgive me”.  It does not make you lesser of a person.  In fact, you will gain a lot of respect from the ones you love. Believe in that.

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or a Buddhist, believing in something has been the driving force behind each one of us and Faith is one of the most intricate topics.  It is difficult to believe in things that you cannot see, but when I look around me, I think there is enough evidence for us to know that there is something so much bigger than us out there.

Focus your energy on your freedom, friends and family, on faith and forgiveness and on fun times and feel the change within you.

Ward E:  The environment this creates is of utmost importance.  Take up exercises as it will keep you healthy.  Yes! The brain is a muscle too!  Keep it active! Educate yourself with things to improve your life.  Live your life with enthusiasm.   While you can entertain yourself, you can encourage a better life for yourself, and even the people around you.  Promote equality and have an eager attitude to see what power lies in you. Do this every day!

Divide all your energy into the Enthusiasm, Excitement, Education into equal bits and exercise this habit until you accomplish your goals.

You have a choice. Will you vote L.I.F.E. ?  Life is what you make of it.  So much can be done.   All you need to do is to start the process.  Start living and don’t let a single moment pass unnoticed!  Take the power in your hands and shape the sculpture of your life. Make your mark and take the decision to empower your own government.

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