The Hug of a Rose

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Current
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I was inspired to write this when a friend asked me for a hug. Immediately I knew ‎something was wrong, but then I realised how much hugs can do.‎

Miniature cracks on the hardened shell suddenly slit open, exposing the pure ‎innocence inside. Teardrops crashes onto the white sheets, tainting the innocence and ‎staining it with random patterns. As the tears evaporates, the stains remains. For ‎those who cares, on closer inspection, these stains dissolve into characters. With each ‎character, it creates words and sentences. These sentences forms paragraphs and ‎chapters. With every moment and emotion, a little piece is written in our life story, our ‎own fairy tale.‎ We build this exoskeleton to protect us from the world, but even with this protection, ‎we still grow, our lives still continue, sometimes something out of our control, ‎penetrate our book of life. That is where friends can be a support structure like the ‎spine of a book; to keep you up; help you keep the pages together; be able to continue ‎your story the next day.‎

As she opened her arms, I could feel the pain, yet the purity of her feelings. The hug ‎was warm with her passions for life, but pain was draining her. I wish I could have ‎hugged her all day long; try to lessen the pain. I hope and pray that things will turn ‎around. She is a ‘the glass is half full’ – lady. To see the positive in her depleted, ‎makes you wish you have the power and ability to stop time and fix things. I would ‎be pleased to see her smile again; not the smile she uses as a mask, but that smile that ‎makes the stars in heaven seem dull. A red and cream coloured rose, she is, between ‎the khaki-bush.‎


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